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Compatibility between EDX and other software

Some notes on EDX and other software interoperability
EDX software was designed to take advantage of a large number of external data sources, making it easy for customers to switch to our product. However, there are some areas where we can’t import easily, and this document attempts to cover what we can and can’t do, … [ Read More ]

Install Error – Error 1320.The specified path is too long

Or some other variation.

This problem has most commonly been reported on Sony Vaio machines running Microsoft Vista or Windows 7, but there have been reports from other machine types as well. The MSI 1320 error usually occurs when the installation folder (INSTALLDIR) the user is installing to is a mapped network drive, or has been … [ Read More ]

ESRI Shape .shp file in UTM will not display

In order for EDX software to plot an ESRI .shp file that is in UTM meters it needs to be accompanied by a .proj file (different format from the common .prj file that is included with most .shp files). This file is a single row ascii file that defines the coordinate system. 
Example: … [ Read More ]

Before version 7.2/10.2 installation error

In versions earlier than 7.2 / 10.2 the installer may return an “internal error 2908” message and not allow the installation to continue. The solution to this is to delete a key in the Windows Registry:

Back up the registry
Find the following key and delete it:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Installer\UserData\S-1-5-21-1123561945-1935655697-1060284298-1003\ Components\AD95649F068525549B26938D7D18FEA7

Allowable Characters for Site and Sector/Transmitter names

These are the allowable site name characters: 

“!\”#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~¿¡¬√ƒ≈∆«»… ÀÃÕŒœ–—“”‘’÷ÿŸ⁄€‹›fifl‡·‚„‰ÂÊÁËÈÍÎÏÌÓÔÒÚÛÙıˆ˘˙˚¸˝˛ˇ£•¨°” 

The allowable sector/transmitter name characters are the same as for a site name but cannot include the following: ?/\*>|”:

A summary of TSB-88 and EDX TSB88 features

TSB-88 is a large and complex document (a TIA Telecommunications Systems Bulletin) created and owned by the U.S. Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). This document provides information and advice to manufacturers and users of primarily Land Mobile and Public Safety radio systems. It provides guidance as to performance criteria for different types of radio technologies and methods … [ Read More ]

FCC type contours / Simple field strength contours

The FCC Contours display in EDX tools (these could also be called Simple Contours) are simple concentric polygons. Each polygon is composed of the loci of a particular Field Strength at Remote value as radiated by a transmitter. These values are calculated by a propagation model which assumes that the signal monotonically decreases as distance … [ Read More ]

Ground Conductivity and Dielectric Constant

Conductivity and Dielectric Constant can vary widely over the earth’s surface and these two parameters are important when determining the reflection coefficient of ground reflections in a radio study. These two values are ultimately determined by measurement. Soil probes can be used to measure both values and the effect on radar backscatter can be used … [ Read More ]

HASP error 15 after installing version 7.2 / 10.2

For a small percentage of users updating to version 7.2 (SignalPro) or 10.2 (Signal, MSite, etc) the HASP device driver update fails in a way that leave the driver in a state where it does not work and the normal driver installer does not correct this.
The solution to this issue is to use the … [ Read More ]