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ArcView Binary Grid .201 Conversion

Terrain data in the ArcView binary grid format can be used directly in the EDX program by specifying the folder that contains the ArcView files. However, only one grid area at a time can be used. In order to use multiple ArcView grid areas at the same time, the ArcView data needs to be converted … [ Read More ]

Merging Clutter Codes within a Land Use Database

Clutter data provided in an MSI-Planet or ArcView ASCII grid format may contain more than 15 clutter codes. The EDX software before version 9.1 / 6.1 can use up to 15 codes so it may be necessary to translate or merge some of the original codes. For example, the original database might contain a class … [ Read More ]

Using Computamaps Terrain and Clutter Data

The free terrain and clutter data found on the Computamaps.com website is compatible with EDX software. Here are a few suggestions on using the data:

Terrain Elevation Data (dtm folder)

Open the “projection” file in a text editor and make sure the first line is “GRS-1980” not “GRS-80”.
In the EDX Databases/Terrain  dialog set the database type to … [ Read More ]

EDX Antenna Pattern File Format

Here is a description of our pattern file format. The .PAT folder inside the program on the hard drive contains examples. Instructions are alos available in Appendix I of the EDX reference manual.

This file is a tabulation of azimuths and relative field or dB values that describe a directional antenna pattern. Both horizontal and vertical … [ Read More ]

Compatibility between EDX and other software

Some notes on EDX and other software interoperability
EDX software was designed to take advantage of a large number of external data sources, making it easy for customers to switch to our product. However, there are some areas where we can’t import easily, and this document attempts to cover what we can and can’t do, … [ Read More ]

Exhibitions and conferences

EDX has announced our upcoming exhibitions and conferences for 2014-2015. We start in Malaysia in August and continue through to Atlanta, GA in May.

Asian Utility Week
Malaysia, August 05-06, 2014
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Super Mobility Week
Las Vegas, NV – Sept 9 – 11, 2014
Sands Expo & Convention Center,  Booth 3166

San Diego, … [ Read More ]

Training Seminars

Learn to use your EDX software effectively and efficiently by attending an EDX training seminar. This two-day session covers EDX Signal Pro and SIGNAL. The session offers training on basic software use as well as valuable tips and insights to help with specific industry requirements.

2014 Training Seminar Schedule   … [ Read More ]

Links to boundary files

Here are some links to sites that have GIS files that can be used on EDX software. These files may include county boundaries, roads, streets and other type of GIS information. 

US Census Bureau Census 2000 County and County Equivalent Areas in ArcView Shapefile (.shp) format –https://www.census.gov/geo/www/cob/co2000.html 

National Atlas Data Download – http://nationalatlas.gov/atlasftp.html#countyp 

US Census Bureau TIGER/Line® Shapefiles and TIGER/Line® Files – http://www.census.gov/geo/maps-data/data/tiger-line.html 

2010 … [ Read More ]