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EDX Releases SignalPro v8.4

Eugene, OR. November 21, 2016 – EDX Wireless, the leading provider of wireless network design solutions, announces the release of SignalPro® v8.4.  The latest release of wireless network design software includes many new features along with the ability to add high-resolution data to SignalPro projects via the new annual data subscription service; … [ Read More ]

EDX in Electric Energy Magazine

Internet of Things and Solving Latency For an Instantaneous World

Eugene, OR.  October 24, 2016 –   We have all heard about the impending Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. As a matter of fact, such talk has been going on for many years. Even as far back as 1966 when German computer scientist Karl Steinbuch said…[Read More ]

EDX Featured in Electric Energy Magazine

Proper Modeling and Dimensioning of Large AMI Systems in Dense Urban Environments

Eugene, OR.  April 19, 2016 – As wireless networks and the environments in which they are deployed continue to evolve, so too do the methods used in designing them.  One major challenge continually facing  utilities and vendors is the design of large mesh AMI networks…Read More

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SignalPro:  Simplifying Wireless Network Complexity

Eugene, OR. March 10, 2016 – Evolution towards multi-tier network through ubiquitous wireless services are acting as trendsetters in the wireless market.  Moreover, the onset of wireless messaging, contact management and synchronized calendars serves a huge array of different markets like cellular, public safety, utility, defense or Wi-Fi.  Read story

Each day rapid Cycling … [ Read More ]

EDX Releases SignalPro v8.3

Eugene, OR. January 1, 2016 –   EDX Wireless, the leading provider of wireless network design tools, announces the release of SignalPro v8.3. The latest release of wireless network design and optimization software, v8.3 enhances the planning capabilities of SignalPro and serves as an upgrade across the entire portfolio of EDX products.

With a focus on multi-technology … [ Read More ]