ArcView Binary grid to .201 conversion

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 5:17 pm Post subject: ArcView Binary grid to .201 conversion Reply with quote
Terrain data in the ArcView binary grid format can be used directly in the EDX program by specifying the folder that contains the ArcView files. However, only one grid area at a time can be used. In order to use multiple ArcView grid areas at the same time, the ArcView data needs to be converted to the EDX .201 format.

To do the conversion run the EDXCV conversion utility:

  • Select File -> New to initialize the program and then select Conversions -> Terrain File Conversion.
  • The “Source file:” entry is going to be the directory name of the folder that contains the ArcView grid data. This folder will contain a file named “W001001.ADF” along with other files.
  • The “Destination file” is going to be the .201 file that is created. A “.201” file extension must be used for this file.
  • The “Conversion type:” is “ESRI/ArcView(r) binary grid format to EDX .201 format”
  • Press “Start Conversion”
  • If there is a message about a missing “esri_bin_grid_ref_long.dat” file then the ArcView grid data is stored in a UTM projection but the UTM zone has not been specified. Use a text editor to create a file called “esri_bin_grid_ref_long.dat” and put a single line in it as follows: esri binary grid UTM reference longitude = -75.00 Replace the “-75.00” with the longitude of the center of the UTM zone (-75.0 is Zone 18). -75.00 in this example is 75 degrees West; East longitude is a positive number.
  • Once the conversion is complete, the .201 file can be viewed by choosing Conversions -> Display Map of File Contents.