BVS Partners with EDX for Complete WiMAX Test Solution

BVS Partners with EDX for Complete WiMAX Test Solution

METUCHEN, New Jersey. – January 14, 2009 — Berkeley Varitronics Systems and EDX Wireless partner to provide compatibility between the YellowFin™ Mobile WiMAX analyzer and EDX® SignalPro® software.

WiMAX carriers are expeditiously building out WiMAX networks coast to coast throughout the United States and the world. This requires a significant
investment in advanced test tools and software packages that will enable proper antenna placement and verification so that each WiMAX network will
have optimum performance to support the growing number of WiMAX 4G mobile devices being released. According to Scott N. Schober, President/CEO
of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, “We are excited to work with EDX Wireless who has established themselves as a global leader in wireless network
design and planning tool technology. As the WiMAX build out takes place our collective customer base require comprehensive solutions comprised of
the most advanced demodulating WiMAX receiver coupled with powerful RF planning software from EDX Wireless.”

EDX SignalPro + Network Design Add-On Module
EDX SignalPro is the principal building block of EDX’s comprehensive line of wireless network engineering tools. Appropriate for any system, including broadband wireless
WiMAX & Wi-Fi, cellular, and mobile radio, it offers all of the study types you need to design a basic wireless network, including area studies, link/point-to-point studies
and route studies. With the Network Design Add-On Module, the overall solution becomes a carrier-class design tool, complete with automatic system layout, automatic
traffic loading and automatic frequency planning – putting the Power of Smart Planning to work for you.

YellowFin™ Mobile WiMAX analyzer is the world’s first truly portable calibrated, demodulating WiMAX test receiver. This handheld unit utilizes the Samsung Q1 Ultra
Premium tablet UMPC as an interface in conjunction with Berkeley’s precision receiver technology for complete spectrum analysis as well as WiMAX packet demodulation.

The receiver sweeps the 2.0 – 5.9 GHz spectrums to within +1.5 dB accuracy. WiMAX 802.16e packet analysis includes RSSI measurements, Cell ID & Segment
information, multipath analysis and CINR (Carrier-to-Interference-plus-Noise-Ratios) on a preamble basis. The optional DF (Direction Finding) Antenna allows engineers
to pinpoint sources of WiMAX interference, rogue base stations and even nearby hackers. An internal 12-channel/satellite GPS receiver allows for geo-coded site surveys
and drive-studies using optional mapping software.

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EDX network design tools are some of the most widely used engineering software products for designing wireless communications networks, including wireless broadband,
WiMAX, Wi-Fi, public safety, and other mobile wireless systems. This mature suite of tools is the result of over 20 years of development effort, including the pioneering of some
of the most important innovations in propagation modeling such as ray–tracing. These highly accurate propagation and planning tools have been used in more than 55 countries
worldwide for the successful design and deployment of wireless networks.

About Berkeley Varitronics Systems
Berkeley Varitronics Systems ( has been providing advanced wireless solutions and products to the domestic and international wireless telecommunications
industry for over 35 years. Since 1995, BVS has introduced over 50 unique wireless test devices for a variety of applications including the popular Cellular, iDEN, PCS, CDMA,
RFID, WiMAX, 802.11b/a/n/g & Bluetooth specifications. BVS test equipment now enjoy international markets comprised of 40 countries spread across the Asian, European,
Australian, Middle Eastern, Canadian, South American territories.

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