EDX Releases SignalPro v8.1

The latest release of RF network design software includes enhanced
functionality for DAS, Small Cell and Smart Grid Networks

Eugene, OR. October 2, 2013 – EDX Wireless, a leading provider of Wireless Network design tools, announces the release of EDX® SignalPro® v8.1, its flagship wireless network design and optimization software. This new release enhances the planning capabilities within SignalPro and contains many new features available as an inline upgrade for the entire EDX range of products.

Version 8.1 of SignalPro has been designed for the needs of increasingly complex networks with multiple layers of network topologies from indoor and outdoor DAS and Small Cells to wide-area broadcast and broadband networks. SignalPro provides world-class planning capabilities for not only area coverage networks, but route/transportation, complex Mesh (including Smart Grid networks with over 1 million nodes) and microwave point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems. Expansion options available in Version 8.1 include; indoor and outdoor system design with the DAS Design Module, citywide Smart Grid (MegaMesh™) system design in the Mesh Module and outdoor-to-indoor RF prediction complete with a ray-tracing feature in the Advanced Propagation Module.

“SignalPro V8.1 continues our strategy of adding support for the design and optimization of large and increasingly complex integrated networks such as Small Cell and Smart Grid networks”, said Dr. Harry Anderson, CEO of EDX. “In addition, the expanded visualization capability of SignalPro greatly simplifies practical deployment, offering engineers a powerful and interactive experience for both indoor and outdoor systems.”

SignalPro v8.1 supports native 64-bit operation, improving its ability to rapidly process data for large projects, as is common in existing Smart Grid and emerging Small Cell systems. SignalPro 8.1 has been enhanced with new and improved features including the ability to open a Google Earth site or street view window centered on the project map point of interest. The Google Earth features include 2D and 3D visualization of network assets with system coverage and performance, as well as the ability to change antenna location or characteristics. Not only may all study results be viewed from within a Google Earth window, but any changes made are automatically updated in SignalPro.

Furthermore, SignalPro 8.1 includes a new Module Tuning http://cialisvsviagracomparison.com/ utility with an interactive visual display. This new utility provides a simplified approach; automating model tuning while providing extensive user control and interactive feedback on convergence.

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