EDX Releases SignalPro v8.3

Eugene, OR. January 1, 2016 –   EDX Wireless, the leading provider of wireless network design tools, announces the release of SignalPro v8.3. The latest release of wireless network design and optimization software, v8.3 enhances the planning capabilities of SignalPro and serves as an upgrade across the entire portfolio of EDX products.

With a focus on multi-technology platforms being deployed in a variety of services areas both indoor and outdoor, SignalPro v8.3 contains a full suite of studies to accurately model Mesh, LTE, Small Cell, in-building DAS, backhaul and much more.

“As networks become increasingly complex and incorporate a multitude of technologies, it has also become critical to streamline the planning phase of system deployment” said Roger Skidmore, CEO of EDX Wireless, “By enhancing the design automation and expanding the feature sets available in SignalPro with our 8.3 release, we are able to offer our users a simplified approach to designing these complex networks.”

SignalPro v8.3 offers many new features that will provide users greater flexibility in how they set up projects and models. A ‘terrain query’ function has been added that allows users to calculate terrain statistics over a service area. For visualization, the resulting histogram and pie charts depict the percent of a service area that falls within a particular threshold value (terrain elevations). Furthermore, the terrain can be queried to provide a roughness index of the area, average slope and average deviation of slope. Also with the v8.3 release, users will have the ability to set a 1m distance in the ‘test against measurement’ option, providing increased resolution in these comparison models.

Beginning with the 8.2.1 release and continuing through v8.3 and beyond, users are able to take advantage of the in-app software updater to update their software remotely and ensure they always have the most current version of software.

With comprehensive studies, propagation models for any service area environment and unmatched system performance visualization options, SignalPro offers the most versatile network planning tool available to engineers.

About EDX Wireless
EDX develops network design tools that are among the most widely used engineering software products for designing wireless communication networks, including; wireless broadband, utility Smart Grid, LTE, Mesh, in-building DAS, Mobile/Cellular, LMR, PTC and more.

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