EDX Releases SignalPro v8.5.1

Eugene, OR. April 4, 2018 –  With the release of v8.5.1, EDX has expanded upon SignalPro’s in-building network design capabilities with both a new product launch and enhancements to the DAS Design Module.

Signal-IO, a new product launched with v8.5.1, is a robust indoor design suite offering a comprehensive and vendor-neutral approach to the design and planning of any in-building, campus and metro service area networks.  The solution allows users to import and/or automatically create floor plans, assign wall characteristics and analyze propagation within a 3D space.  In addition, Signal-IO contains asset management features to plan components, cables, connectors and more while also producing system reports.

Whether using Signal-IO or the DAS Design Module with SignalPro, users can analyze not only in-building coverage, but outdoor-to-indoor as well as indoor-to-outdoor – including terrain, outdoor clutter and obstructions — to ensure isolation and/or predict potential interference or handoff issues between these networks.  In addition, beginning with version 8.5.1, users can incorporate measurement data for in-building environments in their predictive models and include costs for RF equipment in their bill of materials.

SignalPro version 8.5.1 also introduces a new 5G propagation model, incorporating the latest in 5G research in a customizable simulation.

EDX Cirrus, the high-resolution data subscription service continues to expand with not only more database offerings, but more flexibility in how databases are downloaded and used.  Cirrus data can be utilized in all SignalPro and now, Signal-IO projects.

With a comprehensive design and analysis solution, EDX continues to be the industry’s leading provider of wireless network planning, deployment and optimization software.

About EDX

EDX develops network design solutions that are the most widely used engineering software products for designing wireless communication networks, including; Smart Grid AMI, LTE, 5G, in-building DAS, Mobile/Cellular, wireless broadband, PTC, LMR and more.