EDX Wireless Advances RF Network Design Tools

Newly available version releases of RF network design tools EDX® SignalPro®,
SignalMX®, and SIGNAL™ include advanced features that lead to faster
calculations and new automated operations.

Eugene, OR, March 11, 2008 – EDX is pleased to announce EDX SignalPro
v.6.3.1, SignalMX v.2.3.1 and SIGNAL v.9.3.1 are available. The newly released
versions bring significantly higher value to wireless network service providers and
their supporting equipment vendors, consultants and systems integrators.
Enhanced value is found in faster propagation prediction calculations, made
possible by using multi-threading techniques that share calculations over multiple
processors found within personal computers (PCs). The same techniques are
used to significantly speed up the rendering of the resulting map displays.
Another efficiency improvement to the graphical user interface is a new
equipment filter feature that provides for intelligent and quick sorting of network
assets, thus reducing project development time for network design engineers.

Google™ Earth is now more accessible with EDX tools. EDX tools can directly
export in Google Earth’s designated KMZ file format. For EDX area studies,
engineers can quickly generate a KMZ file that, when activated, will automatically
open Google Earth and fly to the area covered by the propagation prediction
map, displaying the map transparently on top of the underlying Google Earth

For mesh networks, added value is also found in new features that automate the
process of selecting the mesh access points which make the best candidates for
connectivity to a supporting backhaul point-to-multipoint network. Also new for
mesh networks is the ability to simultaneously display the expected mesh route ath along with the alternate mesh connections that are available at each access

Additional features and capabilities are also included in the new versions, which
are immediately available. Detailed information is available at www.edx.com.

EDX network design tools are some of the most widely used engineering software
products for designing wireless communications networks, including wireless broadband,
WiMAX, Wi-Fi, public safety, and other mobile wireless systems. This mature suite of
tools is the result of over 20 years of development effort, including the pioneering of
some of the most important innovations in propagation modeling such as ray–tracing.
These highly accurate propagation and planning tools have been used in more than 55
countries worldwide for the successful design and deployment of wireless networks.

Note to Editors: © 2008 EDX Wireless LLC, EDX® and SignalPro® are registered trademarks of EDX Wireless LLC

Jennifer Duncan
EDX Wireless LLC