EDX Wireless and EGS Technologies Offering Subscription GeoData Service

Eugene, OR.  September 20, 2016EDX Wireless and EGS Technologies announce the release of an annual subscription service offering high resolution data for use in EDX SignalPro®.

EDX Cirrus™ includes high resolution hybrid, terrain, vector, demographic, and social media data.  The EDX Cirrus service provides regularly updated data, ensuring users have the most current and accurate information available.  In future releases, the service will be expanded to include new data layers that can be imported into SignalPro.   Annual subscription plans will include the continental US, global data, or data for a particular service area as defined by one-square degree tiles – providing a cost effective alternative to purchasing data outright.

“Subscribing to the EDX Cirrus service benefits customers in two-major ways” stated Andrew Baffes, Vice President of EGS Technologies Corp. “Firstly, EDX Cirrus offers a cost-effective option for large area data coverage, and secondly, it reduces the time required to access data.  This should greatly reduce the costs for EDX customers to generate predictions and vastly improve their speed-to-market delivery.”

In providing a new level of accuracy and system performance visualization, EDX Cirrus is an essential part of designing networks as they continue to evolve and get deployed in a variety of challenging service areas.  Because the service provides accurate land use information depicting street canyons and in many cases individual building footprints, EDX Cirrus is vital for networks in which transmitters or mobile units are at street level and where roads, buildings and other obstructions need to be taken into account to properly model system coverage.  Furthermore, networks with a complex architecture such as AMI, which are greatly affected by physical characteristics of a service area, require current and resolute data.

“As wireless networks continue to get deployed in challenging mixed-area service environments, it becomes necessary to use the most accurate and resolute data available in order to create reliable models of these service areas,” said Roger Skidmore, CEO of EDX Wireless, “Furthermore, the evolution of wireless networks is taking us toward a more data analytics approach to system design.  The EDX Cirrus service will continue to grow in order to provide engineers the data needed for intelligent network design.”

SignalPro users will be able to utilize EDX Cirrus data in existing projects.

About EDX Wireless
EDX develops network design tools that are among the most widely used engineering software products for designing wireless communication networks, including; wireless broadband, utility Smart Grid, LTE,Mesh, in-building DAS, Mobile/Cellular, LMR, PTC and more.

About EGS Technologies
Since 1996, EGS Technologies Corporation has provided geographic data and consulting services to the mobile and telecommunications industry.  We assist wireless service providers, infrastructure suppliers, consultants, engineers and radio planning tool providers in acquiring and utilizing geographic data for network planning and maintenance.