EDX Wireless Announces EDX® SignalPro® Version 7.0

For release 6:00 am, EDT
September 29, 2008

The newest features offer both contemporary planning capabilities and
timesaving operations, with specific emphasis on WiMAX network design.

Eugene, OR, September 29, 2008 – EDX Wireless, a leading provider of carrier-class RF planning tools, announced EDX SignalPro v7.0. This major version release of EDX’s proven planning tool for wireless network design builds on EDX’s commitment to engineering flexibility and innovation.

EDX developed these new features and capabilities to provide additional design
advantages to its growing list of carrier customers and to compel greenfield and
established operators to consider EDX SignalPro for their next planning tool.

Highlights of EDX SignalPro version with the carrier-class Network Design
Module include:

  • ƒNew WiMAX/LTE system set up features, including standard profile templates with comprehensive settings for OFDMA frames, modulation types, cyclic prefix, permutation zone allocations, handoff thresholds, etc.
  • ƒWiMAX-specific preamble code planning and neighbor list generation.
  • ƒNew OFMDA-specific studies, including a Probability of Traffic Demand and further consideration of Best Server Based on Best Channel.
  • ƒInnovative network stochastic graphs that give a complete statistical illustration of expected signal strength versus interference conditions, helping engineers design for interference integrity for today’s dynamic OFDMA systems.
  • New propagation model methods that provide for an unlimited number of propagation model configurations for a single network design
  • ƒAdditional customization for MIMO and smart antenna systems
  • ƒAdditional use of land use/clutter databases
  • ƒExpanded controls for Google™ Earth exports, along with additional exportable layers
  • ƒNew, time-saving user interface controls

EDX SignalPro version 7.0 and all of the available modules will be available for
shipment to customers on October 8, 2008. Also available will be major release
version 10.0 of EDX’s small office tools: SIGNAL™, MSITE™, and TPATH™.

EDX network design tools are some of the most widely used engineering
software products for designing wireless communications networks, including
wireless broadband, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, public safety, and other mobile wireless
systems. This mature suite of tools is the result of over 20 years of development
effort, EDX propagation and planning tools have been used in more than 55
countries worldwide for the successful design and deployment of wireless
networks. www.edx.com

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Jennifer Duncan
EDX Wireless LLC