EDX Wireless Announces EDX® SignalPro® Version 7.1

For immediate release
May 14, 2009

EDX emphasizes GUI improvements and adds new RF planning studies for public
safety wireless network interoperability requirements in this minor version release.
Eugene, OR, May 14, 2009 – EDX Wireless, a recognized leader for RF planning tools,
announced EDX SignalPro v7.1. Building on the major version release in late 2008, the
latest release of EDX’s proven planning tools for wireless network design offers an
enhanced user interface and new studies for EDX users.

Whether it used in the design of commercial carrier networks for WiMAX, LTE, Wi-Fi, or
traditional cellular, or for land mobile radio networks using specific technology for
TETRA or P25 interoperability, the new features that are designed to enhance the user
experience and provide for more efficient design processes. With Clipboard capabilities
for easy equipment copy/paste functions and easier-to-use drawing tools, engineers can
reduce the time it takes to set up and iterate project designs. Likewise, automatic
antenna pattern updates and interactive path profile views make program operation
more intuitive and efficient.

Specific to public safety networks where Telecommunications Industry Association’s
(TIA) TSB-88 recommendations are crucial, new studies have been added to calculate
radius of operation overlap reliability, bounded area reliability, and simulcast system
reliability. Each of these studies implements the Monte Carlo interference analysis

Additionally, there are new features specific to point-to-multipoint and mesh system
architectures as well as integration with more drive test tools. DX SignalPro version 7.1 and all of the available modules are immediately available along with the related release version 10.1 of EDX’s small office tools: SIGNAL™, MSITE™, and TPATH™.

About EDX Wireless LLC
EDX network design tools are some of the most widely used engineering software
products for designing wireless communications networks, including wireless
broadband, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, public safety, and other mobile wireless systems. This
mature suite of tools is the result of over 20 years of development effort, EDX
propagation and planning tools have been used in more than 55 countries worldwide for
the successful design and deployment of wireless networks. www.edx.com

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Jennifer Duncan
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