EDX Wireless Enhances Smart Grid Planning Tool

For immediate release
February 1, 2011

EDX Wireless releases advanced capacity studies for automated large
scale mesh network planning in its SignalMX® module

Eugene, OR, February 1, 2011 – EDX Wireless, a recognized leader for RF planning tools,
announces the release of EDX® SignalMX v7.4. This release extends the EDX Large Scale
Mesh Systems module for utility Smart Grid AMI systems to include studies for the analysis and
planning of capacity constrained networks.

AMI mesh networks have varying rules for collector capacity and number of device connections. Capacity and device connections need to be taken into consideration within the mesh study to accurately design networks that conform to vendor’s requirements while meeting the overall system design goals for performance, reliability and cost. The SignalMX Constrained Capacity Analysis study allows the user to define collector capacity, number of repeater downstream devices, repeater chaining limits, and number of downstream meter devices. These limitations are applied to the mesh study and provide graphical and text outputs which rapidly identify areas of weak capacity. Based on the results of the capacity-constrained mesh analysis, additional collectors can be activated in these areas and the resultant capacity improvements quickly evaluated. The designer can create potential repeater candidates and then use the selection algorithm to choose the most useful repeaters. The designer can also interactively manipulate the repeater selections and quickly see how this affects meter connections. In addition, this release includes redesigned route studies ideally suited for specialized utility and transportation radio network applications and several visualization enhancements include Microsoft Bing™ satellite or street map layers.

“An efficient, robust and cost effective Smart Grid Wireless network requires detailed
planning,” says Steve Webster, Director of product management at EDX. “We have worked
closely with the utility and AMI industries to build SignalMX, and we are excited about the
additional functionality we are bringing to bear as the needs of our Smart Grid customers and
partners, continues to grow and evolve.”

The SignalMX add-on Module for EDX SignalPro is an advanced custom Smart Grid design tool
that allows Utilities, Smart Grid Vendors and System Integrators to efficiently plan, deploy, and
optimize Large Scale mesh and traditional AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) networks at
every point in the system lifecycle. This ensures proper dimensioning, the most efficient
network architecture, lowest cost deployment and most reliable operation. SignalMX supports
the design of systems with hundreds of thousands of nodes and permits fast pre-sales layouts of meters and distributed access points. It provides RF-optimized automatic router selection and mesh analysis and supplies detailed reports of system performance, traffic, mesh vulnerabilities and critical mesh points.

These provide the engineer with essential information in the process of designing a robust,
reliable and redundant Smart Grid network. SignalMX also simplifies the design and planning
process by creating of professional layouts and coverage/performance diagrams which can be
exported to industry standard GIS tools such as Google Earth®, MapInfo®, and ArcGIS®

About EDX Wireless LLC
Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, EDX Wireless develops wireless Radio Frequency (RF)
planning, performance visualization and design software. Our comprehensive range of wireless
network planning tools are used by AMI companies, RF equipment manufacturers, smart meter
providers and leading utilities in the deployment of Smart Grid wireless networks. EDX
comprehensive and flexible suite of RF tools perform area-wide coverage/interference studies,
point-to-multipoint studies, route studies, mesh studies, and detailed link analyses and system
diagnostics for WiMAX, Wi-Fi, PCS/cellular, Zigbee and many other wireless systems Since 1985, EDX customers have relied on SignalPro®, the flexible and comprehensive suite of
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AMI deployment and planning, utilities (including gas, water, electric and oil), transportation,
broadband wireless, public safety, cellular network deployment and other mobile wireless
systems. The result of over 25 years of development effort, SignalPro is used by thousands of
engineers in over 60 countries and is the tool of choice for designing accurate, reliable and
scaleable RF networks, worldwide.

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