EDX Wireless Expands Its Carrier-Class Ecosystem To Include WirelessLogix As The First WiMAX Drive Test Equipment Vendor

EUGENE, Ore., December 13, 2007 – EDX Wireless has added WirelessLogix to its
Vendor Partner Program as the first drive test manufacturer to join the EDX ecosystem.
Under the terms of the partner agreement, the data collected by WirelessLogix’ XCAL-X
tool is able to be used in EDX SignalPro® directly, without any data conversion processes.

The smooth integration between the network planning tool and the data derived by the
network drive test tool brings increased value to the engineering process. Direct access
to this data saves time for RF engineers and makes the process more consistent and

As part of the network planning process, EDX SignalPro uses the drive test data to
provide a comparison of predicted versus measured coverage, as well as to automatically
tune propagation models used to predict network performance. Further, the data can be
used to determine the signal loss caused by clutter, such as trees, which can be unique to
each market.

“EDX’s WiMAX customers are pleased to see this integration with WirelessLogix,” said
Ted Hicks, Vice President of Product Management for EDX Wireless. “WirelessLogix
has the first complete real-time WiMAX data collection tool and providing this
integration is a natural addition to the ecosystem we’re building to support our growing
customer base.”

“WirelessLogix is quite excited to expand it’s partnership with EDX in support of the
WiMAX ecosystem,” said Larry Smith, WirelessLogix COO. “Our customers are calling
for an integrated solution that supports both WiMAX network design and optimization,
and the partnership with EDX satisfies this request.”

Current versions of EDX SignalPro and its modules have the integrated connectivity to
WirelessLogix data, making the combined solution immediately available. Pricing is
dependent on final configurations of each product.

About WirelessLogix
WirelessLogix, of Plano, Texas, together with InnoWireless, have been recognized as leaders in the highly progressive wireless test and measurement markets in Asia, Europe, and North America. Since early 2000 when they rolled out the world’s first 3G networks, they have supplied solutions to some of the world’s largest wireless carriers – including  SK Telecom, KT Freetel, LG Telecom, KDDI, and Vodafone.

WirelessLogix/InnoWireless continuously seeks and develops strategic partnerships
which will facilitate deployment, testing, optimization and maintenance of next
generation technologies. www.wirelesslogix.com

About Innowireless Co. Ltd.
Innowireless Co. Ltd. is firmly established in technology and devoted to research and
development. The fully independent company is focused on high-growth markets in
wired/wireless telecommunication testing and measurement equipment field. Information
is available at www.innowireless.com.

About EDX Wireless LLC
EDX network design tools are some of the most widely used engineering software
products for designing wireless communications networks, including wireless broadband,
WiMAX, Wi-Fi, public safety, and other mobile wireless systems. This mature suite of
tools is the result of over 20 years of development effort, including the pioneering of
some of the most important innovations in propagation modeling such as ray–tracing.
These highly accurate propagation and planning tools have been used in more than 55
countries worldwide for the successful design and deployment of wireless networks.

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