EDX Wireless releases Version 7.4.2 of SignalPro Comprehensive RF Planning and Network Design suite

Eugene, OR, October 04, 2011 – EDX Wireless, a leading provider of RF planning
tools, announced the release of EDX® SignalPro® v7.4.2 This maintenance release of
SignalPro also contains many new feature and capabilities, all available as an in line upgrade
for the entire EDX SignalPro family products.

“Version 7.4.2 of SignalPro is the second release this year and delivers significant new
functionality to our existing and new customers”, said Steve Webster, Director of Product
Management at EDX.. “We are particularly pleased to be able to offer such a significantly
expanded range of options for the Smart Grid and Public Safety markets so quickly after the last release, meeting our customers evolving needs and requests.”

Among many new capabilities, SignalPro V7.4.2 contains many improvements to the
overall workflow and usability of the application. New helpful features have been added to
streamline complex processes which are now easily accessible with a quick context sensitive

In particular, Multipoint Studies have been redesigned to greatly simplify operation and
allow rapid creation of basic multipoint studies when the Network Design Module is installed
without compromising the full flexibility of the Multipoint planning utility. This new ‘Basic” option limits the possible studies to those which do not involve channel planning or interference calculations, allowing basic forward and reverse multipoint basic link calculations to be run without having to assign channels to the links first. Other new features include an Automatic Frequency Planning Assignment Mode (available for SignalPro + Network Design Module only), which will automatically assign CPE channels based on the Assigned Server’s channels.

Version 7.4.2 also contains greatly expanded import/export capabilities including
MIF/MID export, geographic contour export to Google Earth (Quick Contours, Interference
Contour Study, and Area Study FCC type) and cell site import from Google Earth KML files
through the spreadsheet editor. Public Safety, Land Mobile, Broadcast and other services that
rely on this type of signal coverage method for FCC licensing and proposals can now present
their results both within the EDX planning tool as well as within the popular Google Earth maps

Similar major updates and upgrades to Smart Grid Large Scale Mesh Studies analysis
have been added to the SignalMX Module. These represent significant advances in automation
and simplified planning of Repeaters in advanced, Large Scale mesh designs. Features include
custom propagation calculation options for repeater links physical models that incorporate
terrain as well as land-use (clutter) databases and options to use area or link based propagation studies.

Additionally, Smart Grid repeaters can now be categorized as various types, including
base repeaters (coverage extenders for Routers/Collectors) or bridge repeaters (used to
connect isolated clusters of meters) and additional studies and features have been added to
allow the user to quickly and efficiently incorporate repeaters into a Smart Grid system design.
This optimized and automatic Repeater selection calculation uses repeaters only after all
potential meter paths fail. Multiple calculation options are also now supported allowing the user to adjust the mesh calculations for both the type of system being planned and the level of
precision required. Options include placing “capacitated out” meters at the edge of a router’s
area coverage or closest to the router (for ease of visualization during the planning stage).

About SignalPro
The principal building block of EDX’s comprehensive line of wireless network
engineering tools, SignalPro is the tool of choice for designing any wireless RF system,
including broadband wireless, WiMAX, LTE, Cellular, P25, TETRA, multipoint, point-to-point,
mesh and many other mobile radio systems. SignalPro offers a broad range of study types
suited for the design of primary wireless networks, including area studies, link/point-to-point
studies and route studies. A broad range of add-on modules are available for specialized
network design needs such as advanced large scale Smart Grid mesh and Positive Train
Control (PTC) applications. With the associated Network Design Module SignalPro becomes a
powerful and comprehensive design tool-set, complete with automatic system layout, automatic traffic loading and automatic frequency planning.

About EDX Wireless
EDX network design tools are some of the most widely used engineering software
products for designing wireless communications networks, including wireless broadband,
WiMAX, LTE, Wi-Fi, Public Safety, and other mobile wireless systems. This mature suite of
tools is the result of over 25 years of development effort, EDX propagation and planning tools
have been used in more than 60 countries worldwide for the successful design and deployment of wireless networks.

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