HASP error 15 after installing version 7.2 / 10.2

For a small percentage of users updating to version 7.2 (SignalPro) or 10.2 (Signal, MSite, etc) the HASP device driver update fails in a way that leave the driver in a state where it does not work and the normal driver installer does not correct this.
The solution to this issue is to use the haspdinst.exe file that is installed along with v7.2 and completely remove the old driver, then replace it with the new one.

Make sure no EDX products or license managers are running. Open a command line window in the directory C:\Program Files\EDX\SignalPro\bin\
If you have a 64-bit computer this would be C:\Program Files (x86)\EDX\SignalPro\bin\, and you may have a different product folder than SignalPro. Alternately, with Win7 and higher, you can shift right-click on the bin folder, and choose open command prompt here.

In the command prompt window type the following:

haspdinst.exe -r -kp

and click OK. Once that process has completed type:

haspdinst.exe -install

and click okay. After this process ahs finished, you shuld be able to successfully launch the EDX software. If not, contact EDX Technical Support at (541) 345.0019 or support@edx.com.