Installer freezes and does not continue

The symptom is you’ve gotten to the section of the installer where you’re asked to confirm/change the install location of the EDX software. You click next, and nothing happens; the installer appears to being doing nothing, eventually requiring force-quit from the task manager.

This can occur when you are part of a domain – your user account is controlled through a windows server environment. It indicated there is a problem with your user account, and the installer can’t read/write to locations it needs to continue the installation. This is not a file permission error, rather it’s the installer is in essence, lost. 

The workaround is to log out of your account, and log in with another user account that has rights to install software. Under this account, run the installer by right-clicking on the Setup.exe and choosing Run As Administrator. If prompted, choose to install for all users. The installation should now complete. You can log out, log back in under your credentials, and the EDX software should launch.