LoRa as a technology provides many benefits for enterprise, municipalities and consumers worldwide.  But these networks also present unique challenges in their design and deployment. SignalPro with the LoRa/IoT Module address these challenges by providing data rate analysis, coverage prediction, automatic hardware layout tools, report generation, channel planning and the ability to model mixed-area service area environments to streamline system design and deployment.

LoRa System Studies:

Specialized area-wide studies
Best available LoRa downlink data
Best available LoRa uplink data
Number of servers above uplink
LoRa optimized uplink transmit
LoRa bidirectional margin


SignalPro with the LoRa/IoT Module automatically assigns the router site locations that will best serve the network. In using a tower/pole database, street vector data or a list of candidate locations then analyzing terrain elevation, number of devices to cover and capacity constraints to place equipment, the software ensures a network meets performance and budgetary requirements.

Channel Planning

Automatically assign sectors and channels to meet performance requirements, traffic demand and booking criteria – ensuring robust systems that can be expanded upon in the future.

Minimum Height

By analyzing base antenna height, terrain elevation, clutter height and buildings, SignalPro with the LoRa/IoT Module determines minimum AGL (above ground level) height required for each node to achieve line-of-sight back to a base station.


The multipoint feature set contains extensive studies for base stations serving many devices, each with independently defined RF parameters and geographic locations across a service area:

Display link path from CPE to hub with link study details
Received signal levels downlink and uplink
Interference calculations for both uplink and downlink paths
Much more…


Because LoRa network performance is greatly affected by the areas in which they are deployed, a detailed model of the service area is required for proper planning. EDX Cirrus is the high-resolution data subscription service that includes 1m/30m hybrid clutter data, terrain, vector and demographic data. The service provides regularly updated data, ensuring users have the most current and accurate information available.

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