Nethasp.ini Configuration

When setting up a network key, it’s common to need a nethasp.ini file in the EDX install bin directory to help EDX find the License Manager and Key for operation. Configuration of this file is critical for operation, yet there exists a number of configurations that the user should be aware of. Here is an example of a basic nethasp.ini file:

;;This NetHASP.INI file is configured to TCPIP.
;;Please enter the address of the machine which the NetHASP key is connected to

NH_TCPIP = Enabled
;;Use the TCP/IP protocol

;;IP addresses of all the NetHASP License Managers you want to search.
;;Unlimited addresses and multiple lines are possible.
;;Possible address format examples: IP address: or domain names:

;;Send a packet TCP or UDP. Default: UDP. Note: HASP API v8.x supports UDP, it doesn’t support TCP.

;;Use TCPI/IP Broadcast mechanism. Default: Enabled

With the above configuration, the program should now launch (assuming it can see the server). If not, and you get an error code of 15, then communication with the License Manager is not taking place. The first step is to try changing from UDP to TCP:

Save the file and try launching EDX again. if error code 15 again, then the likely culprit is the port being used to communicate on. The default port is 475. The first step is to ensure and firewall software on the local machine is not blocking this port. The easiest way is to disable the local firewall, and try the UDP/TCP switch above again. More complicated is to checl your local firewall, or you IT department and ensure that TCP and UDP communications are being allowed over port 475, and that the License Manager is not being blocked by firewall software. If port 475 is not available, ask your IT department for a port that is open for UDP/TCP communications. Then two step will need to take place, configuring the nethasp.ini file, and configuring a nhsrv.ini file in the License Manager install directory.

To configure the nethasp.ini file, add the following to the [NH_TCPIP] section: NH_PORT_NUMBER = :; Set the TCP/IP port number. This is ;;optional. The default number is 475. and replace with the port number that is open (no brackets). Then on the License Manager server, in the LM install directory should be a nhsrv.ini file. Open in a text editor and change the following line under the [NHS_IP]: NHS_IP_portnum = 475 change the number from 475 to match the number you put in the nethasp.ini. With this in place, re-start the license manager, then try launching the EDX software. Again, you may need to do the UDP/TCP switch. At this point, if you still keep getting error code 15, or any other error code for that matter, call EDX technical support for further assistance.