Opening multiple .kmz files in Google Earth causes errors

Currently, if you save an area study to a .kmz file an error can occur when opening multiple .kmz files in google earth. When you run area studies in SignalPro, the resulting display file is an .mxx file stored in the project .mxx directory. They are indexed by the view they are displayed in, and their order in the area studies dialog box. For example:

  • project with 1 view, and 1 rec’d pwr@remote study – the display file gets named view.0.1.mxx
  • Project with 1 view and 2 or more studies – view.0.1.mxx, view.0.2.mxx, view.0.x.mxx
  • Project with more than two views – view.0.x.mxx, view.1.x.mxx, etc.

The problem comes when you try and save studies from more than one project and display them all at once in Google Earth. All the first studies in the first view are named the same, and the latest one into Google Earth overwrites the previous study. To solve this problem, you can edit the .kmz archive and re-name the study layers:

  • unzip the .kmz file using winzip, winrar, etc. Once that done you’ll have 3 files: “filesname”.kml, view.x.x.mxx.png, and legend.png
  • rename the view..x.x.mxx.png to something else, i.e., myview.png
  • Open the .kml file in a text editor, and find all occurrences of view.x.x.mxx and replace it with the name you changed it to, i.e. myview
  • Save the file, then re-zip these three files into a .zip archive, and change the extension to .kmz

You should then be able to open the file in google earth without overwriting you other files