Wireless networks in the Energy industry encompass many technologies and are deployed in a variety of challenging service area environments, making it essential to use a comprehensive planning tool for the design, deployment and optimization of these networks.

EDX SignalPro offers support for systems from 30MHz up to 100GHz. With features used in the design of any system architecture, SignalPro is ideal for deployments in service areas that contain multiple system types. Compatibility with a varietymp of databases that take into account terrain, foliage, structures and other environmental factors allows engineers to create 3D models and accurately portray system performance in service area environments. SignalPro can
also utilize measurement data taken in the field and export system performance charts and graphs to third party applications.

The capability of SignalPro can be further expanded through modules that add technology specific and advanced network planning features.  With support for wireless networks deployed in any service area environment, SignalPro is essential for wireless network design in the Energy industry.

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