The Remcom X3D Ray Tracing Module provides a highly accurate, and efficient 3D site-specific wireless propagation model.  Calculations explicitly take into account 3D antenna patterns and detailed building, floor plan and terrain features present in the propagation environment, including their material properties.  Its use of GPU cards to achieve incredibly fast run times, paired with its exact path algorithms achieve both accuracy and speed for a wide range of applications.


The Remcom X3D Ray Tracing Module provides efficient and accurate predictions of propagation and communication channel characteristics in complex urban, indoor, rural and mixed path environments, suitable for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Indoor and outdoor-to-indoor coverage
  • Communication with moving vehicles and mobile devices
  • Base Station Coverage in urban environments
  • Small-cell backhaul
  • Ad-hoc and temporary networks


Outputs generated from the Remcom X3D Ray Tracing Module can be exported to a variety of third party applications.  The Remcom X3D Ray Tracing Module is compatible with other modules within SignalPro and can be used in existing projects.


Channel Modeling

The Remcom X3D Ray Tracing Module performs a full 3D ray trace, followed by an exact path calculation to accurately capture complex channel characteristics in arbitrary environments. Accelerated algorithms calculate multi-path behavior in complex urban environments, finding large numbers of propagation paths through urban canyons, over roof tops and around multiple corners. The X3D model  also predicts the propagation in indoor environments and outdoor-to-indoor links, where energy undergoes multiple reflections, diffractions and transmissions, producing complex channel behavior.

The X3D model generates outputs that include

  • Received power, path loss, path gain
  • Three-Dimensional Propagation paths
  • Electric field magnitude and phase
  • Power delay profile
  • Complex impulse response
  • Delay spread

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