Updating Bing Map Key

The release of EDX software v7.4/10.4 and later includes a map layer that queries and uses results from Microsoft’s BING map server, allowing for display of those images in EDX Software. Access to this feature is controlled by a license key that BING provides to us. This key expires twice a year, once on June 30th, the other on December 30th. Once expired, this key needs to be updated. EDX is working on a license server, but until then, and in cases where that fails, the license key can be manually updated.

In EDX software:

  • Go to map layers and highlight the BING map layer (can also be “static map layer”)
  • Click the Style button
  • In the User Key field, replace the existing key with the new key
  • Click Set Key
  • Test by clicking Test Key. You should see the small window populate with a map.

If your key has expired, you can get the latest key by calling EDX Technial Support at (541)345.0019 or e-mailing support@edx.com

You be asked to provide your serial number and product We’ll check and if you’re in current maintenance, we’ll send you the new key.