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5G In-building with EDX

by | Feb 8, 2022

With 5G applications still evolving, along with the need to meet higher demand and the inherent challenges of deploying high-frequency networks that will perform in offices, hotels, manufacturing, hospitals, airports, etc., a holistic design approach for In-building 5G will be necessary.

While much of what the future holds for 5G is uncertain, we can understand what we have now and identify the challenges of integrating with new applications so that we have a foundation for, and can properly address, the future challenges that will inevitably come up as new technologies continue to evolve. 

An advantage of implementing new 5G is that it will largely integrate with current 4G LTE networks, meaning the transition can be gradual. However, along with this integration comes the need for even greater planning to ensure seamless usage and a scalable network that will be capable of taking advantage of everything 5G has to offer in the future.

Based on industry standards and enhanced with customizable features and automated processes, EDX’s 5G In-building solution is built to support networks in any stage of the system life cycle and ensure you meet performance and budgetary requirements. Our all-in-one solution offers support for any use case, in all frequencies and service areas.

Work with your vendors and system integrators using EDX software to holistically design a network for your specific use case for Small Cell, DAS, Smart Building and MIMO.

The EDX In-building 5G Solution provides:

Floorplans: create 3D building floorplans from AutoCAD .dwg or image files. Assign material types to walls and other obstructions and configure with their relevant RF information.

Equipment: Vendor agnostic equipment support to design complete systems and diagnose cable connections.

Comprehensive solution: Design networks for anything from single floor buildings to multi-story complexes and underground parking garages for 5G, CBRS, Wi-Fi, Public Safety networks and more.

Full 5G feature set:

  • Support of Low, Mid and High Bands
  • 5G Adaptive Modulation
  • RAN Node Workbook
  • Carrier Aggregation
  • Maximum Aggregated Downlink Throughput
  • Aggregated Carrier Count
  • PCI Planning

Project based licensing

Cirrus Licensing provides usage-based software for any application. License the software you need for monthly, pre-paid days or perpetual use for both short-term opportunities and RFP responses, to long-term needs.

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