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EDX Releases SignalPro v9

by | Oct 1, 2019

Eugene, OR.  October 1, 2019 –  EDX Wireless, the leading provider of wireless network design solutions, announces the release of SignalPro v9.0.  The latest wireless network design software from EDX features the industry’s first usage-based licensing, allowing network operators and design consultants the opportunity to use SignalPro on a monthly or prepaid annual basis.

Cirrus Licensing provides project-based licensing for flexibility of use.  It is an end-to-end solution that provides instant access to network design software as well as high-resolution data.  Users have several options to choose from to fit their particular business model, including the Monthly Lease option for short-term projects and RFP responses and quick turnaround times.  For those who have unpredictable work periods throughout the year, the Prepaid-Days-Per-Year option may be the best fit, as it allows you to use your allotted time at any point during the year.  Both of the above options grant access to EDX’s high-resolution data subscription service, which provides land use and terrain data for the entire US.  In addition, EDX offers the Perpetual Hybrid licensing option for users with Perpetual SignalPro licenses who wish to “surge” up licensing on demand during busy times without the added costs of procuring all new licensing.

“More and more of our customers are seeing their usage come in bursts,” said Lorne Liechty, CEO of EDX Wireless; “We want to provide solutions that adapt with them, help them solve problems and ultimately, grow their business.  We see the short-term, low-cost to entry licensing options as an opportunity for us to listen to our customers’ needs and deliver a product that’s aligned with what makes them successful.”

SignalPro v9 has also received a major upgrade that better leverages the processing power of multi-core machines, and as such, produces a better than 3x improvement in study speed for area studies.  

The new Grid Optimized Radials calculation method adds radials into the calculation as the study grid moves further away from the sector, providing a substantial increase in prediction accuracy at long distances while minimizing the impact of increased computation time.

SignalPro v9.0 also has the ability to create coverage maps that cover very large regions, including entire states or even the nation, vastly improving productivity as you no longer have to reset your study grid, run several studies and stitch them together outside of SignalPro.

Read the entire set of release notes here: https://edx.com/software-update-release-notes/

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