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EDX Wireless Announces Nationwide Studies, in the Cloud

by | Mar 1, 2022

Eugene, OR, February 28, 2022 – EDX Wireless, the industry leader in wireless network design, is excited to announce the Cirrus Platform, providing nationwide coverage analysis and optimization in a single run, in the cloud. The platform supports 5G, LTE (release 18), CBRS, IoT, Smart Grid and other networks consisting of any number of devices over any geographic region and provides detailed KPIs, system analytics and unlimited map storage. 

EDX’s solution integrates with the existing tools of network operators to automate large network planning and analysis for FCC Form 477 filings, new technology rollouts, budgeting, audits and marketing. Additionally, the platform allows system integrators and consultants to run large studies in the cloud, eliminating the need to run multiple studies for one project on a desktop machine. The Cirrus Platform streamlines processes and reduces costs while providing new opportunities for network optimization. 

“5G rollouts, along with growth in traffic demand and an increased number of Smart Cell, Smart Meter and other devices, has created a challenge from a planning perspective in that traditional desktop planning solutions are unable to scale and meet the demands of these networks,” said Anoop Bowdery, COO of EDX Wireless. “The Cirrus Platform overcomes these challenges by leveraging a sophisticated cloud engine equipped to run full nationwide coverage maps along with network optimization tools and reporting.”

The Cloud SaaS offering runs nationwide analysis for any number of sites and eliminates the need to produce several maps and stitch them together manually. These maps can be stored and analyzed later for performance enhancement and “what if” scenarios. Additionally, these maps can be exported to a variety of formats and resolutions, providing marketing collateral and network visualization.

EDX provides high-resolution data for any service area. The data is available on a per-project basis, saving money over having to purchase costly databases. Users may also select specific service areas, so you get only the data you need. 

Since the Cirrus Platform integrates with existing tools, there is very little disruption to current workflows. EDX support and training ensures a successful handoff and works with you and your individual use case to ensure success.

About EDX Wireless

EDX Wireless provides instant access to a full suite of network planning solutions. 

We focus on your business bottom line and provide solutions to streamline your processes, retain your customers, respond to government filings, save time and money and improve your bottom line.

EDX’s solutions ensure networks meet performance and cost requirements for 5G, LTE-PRO, IoT, mmWave, CBRS, Smart Grid, Distribution Automation, in-building DAS and more.

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