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Dear Valued Customers,

EDX is announcing the end of life for hardware dongles (HASPs). As we continue to transition to more remote work and the need to seamlessly add software seats and modules on demand, we see this as the next step to enable success in the next generation wireless.

Support for hardware keys will end on January 1, 2023. We are announcing the change now to give customers plenty of time to prepare for this transition.  

We understand that this sounds like a major transition, but we want to assure our customers that we are not stopping the development or support of SignalPro and that this change will in no way alter the features and capabilities of SignalPro. 

In addition to now using SignalPro without a hardware key, EDX offers Cirrus Licensing, providing customers the ability to add temporary and long-term licenses and modules as needed on demand.

Please contact us so we may answer any questions you may have and help make this transition. 

What this means...

  • You can now use SignalPro without a hardware key
  • We are hosting the license key only, you continue to host the software
  • You can put the software ANYWHERE – continue to run locally or host in a cloud server such as AWS or Azure 
  • You will not be losing any features and you will not lose any existing projects
  • SignalPro will continue to be developed and supported as always
  • You may now take advantage of Cirrus Licensing


Cirrus Licensing

The Cirrus Platform provides project-based licensing for flexibility of use. Cirrus Licensing provides monthly and usage-based software and technology modules so you save money over buying perpetual software licenses, reduce IT costs, and enjoy an immediate ROI.

Learn more about Cirrus Licensing here:


See what Perpetual Hybrid Licensing can do for you:


Questions & Answers

How will I use SignalPro?

Once authorized users within your organization are identified, you may log in to SignalPro with your email address, including Google accounts. When logged in, SignalPro will remember your login credentials for two weeks. 

Learn more on how to use the Cirrus Login feature here:


You may use Cirrus Licensing to run SignalPro at home or the office, or remotely in the cloud. Learn more about licensing scenarios here:


Will I still be able to open and modify existing projects?

Yes, you will be able to use any existing projects as usual.

What functions in SignalPro will change?

Once you log in to SignalPro, all functions and features will stay the same.

Our IT will not let us run cloud-based software, how will we use SignalPro?

Cirrus Licensing provides a remote license key only, you will continue to host the software as usual. Our support will work with your IT department as necessary to ensure a seamless transition.

Where will the software be hosted?

Wherever you choose. You may continue to use the software locally, or host on your cloud. 

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