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EDX’s New Customer Promotion

by | Feb 8, 2022

To welcome new customers, EDX is offering unlimited use, monthly licenses of SignalPro for $500. Use the industry’s most comprehensive wireless network planning software to augment staff, respond to RFPs, train engineers and more.

5G, LTE-PRO, DAS, Mesh or LoRa Modules may be added for $250. You may also add high-resolution global data for $500.

Contact us to take advantage 



Be prepared for every opportunity

PtP, MESH, LTE, In-Building, and more.


All of your systems

Plan systems from 30MHz to 100GHz.


Equipment Agnostic

Use any vendor equipment.

Automated Tools

Streamline workflows.


Work Smarter

Templates for project and equipment eliminate repetitive work.

Meet your customers' needs

Provide reports in Google Earth & beyond.

Modules $250

Extend your capabilities with specialized tools.

Mesh Planning Software


Lte Planning Software


In Building Wireless Planning Software


Lora / lot Wireless Planning Software


Instant Access to Data

Add Global data for $500.  Instant software and data enables you to work immediately on what matters most: Projects that generate revenue.

Ready to take your planning to the next level?

Get a personalized product walk-through and learn how to leverage the EDX ecosystem to plan and optimize your wireless network today.

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