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Perpetual Hybrid Licensing

by | Jun 11, 2021

When it comes to wireless network design, one challenge faced by design consultants, network operators and sales engineers is the design output has historically been completely dependent on how much production can come from a single license of RF planning software due to the expense of adding licenses. This is particularly true of single jobs, RFP responses and seasonal variability. Simply put, it is difficult, if not impossible, to justify the cost of adding software licenses or seeing a return on investment if you might only be using that license for one job. To address these issues and more, EDX’s Cirrus Licensing offers perpetual hybrid licenses so those with SignalPro may add temporary seats and modules as needed.

Existing Customers

Those who currently have a perpetual license of SignalPro can now add temporary licenses and modules as needed, saving money over the purchase of another perpetual license. Historically the purchase of the software licensing needed for bids and jobs was difficult to justify in that you may need to secure several jobs before that software paid for itself. Temporary licensing provides per-project ROI and further enables teams to secure jobs in any wireless technology. 

Instant access

Perpetual hybrid licensing is keyless, meaning use of SignalPro is no longer tied to a HASP key. The use of SignalPro remains absolutely the same as always, with enablement now done via softkey. Because of this, users can add licenses and technology specific modules as needed. All the engineers on your team now have instant access to tools for 5G, CBRS, LTE, in-building DAS, Smart City, IoT, Mesh and more on demand. You can also add custom, high-resolution data for any service area and access immediately.

Improving your business

Perpetual hybrid licensing allows businesses to stay dynamic, pursue more bids and improve the bottom line. With the ability to add temporary licenses on demand, it becomes more feasible to pursue new revenue streams. When a shop is considering going after 5G business, for example, perpetual hybrid licensing eliminates the large capital expenditure of perpetual licensing that is not easy to justify when initially getting involved in new technologies that may or may not ultimately produce revenue. Similarly, perpetual hybrid licensing solves the quandary of how to cover busy seasons as you can now add temporary licenses during surges in business, without having to try and justify the cost of a perpetual license of software that is not going to be used all the time. Furthermore, in addition to responding to RFPs quickly, users can now respond to more RFPs by adding technology specific modules for just those particular responses. Users also save on IT and onboarding with the ability to procure temporary licensing to train new engineers as well as reducing the hardware needed. 

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