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Transportation Network Design in SignalPro

by | Apr 6, 2022

Among its many capabilities, SignalPro offers a route based approach to network planning in which system performance can be analyzed along any transportation corridor or rail line. This feature set analyzes coverage to points along a 2D or 3D route – achieving a precise level of network planning resolution that would not be found in a uniform coverage study over a service area. In addition, SignalPro contains a feature set to address the unique challenges in designing a Positive Train Control (PTC) system, with advanced network planning features and automated processes ensuring a properly deployed and dimensioned system. 

The capabilities of SignalPro can be further expanded through a variety of advanced network planning and technology specific modules, including 5G, LTE (release 17), IoT and more, making it an ideal choice for transportation networks as they often consist of a variety of technologies. 

Route Studies

The route study capability in SignalPro analyzes system performance over a rail line, roadway or even a flight plan. Route studies may be used to predict any number of performance factors along a 2D or 3D route including received signal power, signal-to-interference ratios, simulcast delay spread and much more. These analyses data can be displayed graphically or exported to a third party application.

Model foliage, obstructions and buildings

Use clutter data, clutter heights, and/or building data to include environmental factors and service area obstructions in your calculations. EDX provides high resolution data and subscription plans to save money.

Large-scale design

The Cirrus Platform offloads studies to our cloud engine and returns results that can be stored and shared across teams. This capability is used for large networks that consist of any number of devices over any geographic region, even nationwide. This saves engineering time over having to run many studies and stitch them together in a 3rd-party program.


Expanding on the route studies in SignalPro, advanced network planning features and automated processes in the Mobile/Cellular Module ensure PTC networks are designed

to meet performance and safety standards.

• Automatic Frequency Planning

• Neighbor list prediction

• Specialized area studies

Other features of the Mobile/Cellular Module:

Traffic Loading

Calculate traffic loading on individual sectors based on real service areas and a selection of multiple service types.

Automatic System Layout

Automatically lay out cell sites within a service area using criteria such as fixed hexagon grids with adjustable cell service radius.


Simultaneous uplink/downlink evaluation across multiple technologies in a point-to-multipoint network architecture.

About EDX

EDX Wireless provides instant access to a full suite of network planning solutions. 

Our all-in-one cloud-based software provides instant access to all the tools needed for wireless design, maximizing productivity and providing first-rate service to your customers. 

Our solutions ensure networks meet performance and cost requirements for 5G, LTE, IoT, mmWave, CBRS, Smart Grid, Distribution Automation, in-building DAS and more. 

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