Management Team

Lorne Liechty


Lorne Liechty started his career in RF theory and wireless network design with a lead role in the design and development of indoor and outdoor wireless design products at Motorola, here Mr. Liechty combined theory with practice to enable customer success.  Later, Mr. Liechty expanded his role in technology management at Motorola Solutions and Bypass Mobile, managing applications across desktop, mobile, web, and cloud platforms. Mr. Liechty joined EDX Wireless in 2018 to return to the wireless domain with the wealth of experience he brings in technology company growth and operations. Mr. Liechty is an Electrical Engineering alum of Texas A&M University along with his M.S. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Scott A. Blumberg, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Software Development

Dr. Blumberg is responsible for all aspects of software architecture and programming. Dr. Blumberg retains special skills in numerical methods and graphics programming. Dr. Blumberg, who joined EDX in 1998, has held a variety of research and software development positions since 1973, including roles at Hewlett Packard, Stanford Research Institute, Perkin Elmer, Signetics, and Fairchild Semiconductor. Prior to EDX, he worked in Symantec’s project management organization. Dr. Blumberg’s research led to his developing new computational methods for solving quantum mechanical problems in amorphous solids, and solutions to Schrödinger’s equation employing supercomputers using sparse matrix methods, Gaussian quadrature, and orthogonal polynomials. He attended Cambridge University as a visiting scholar, and was conferred a Battelle Energy Research Fellowship. Dr. Blumberg was awarded the Ph.D. degree in physics from the University of Oregon, and earned the B.A. in physics at Harvard College.

Brian T. Cochran

Director of Support Services

Mr. Cochran joined EDX in 1998, and is responsible for technical support, customer training, and sales support. He has contributed a wide array of skills to activities throughout EDX. Mr. Cochran served in previous support and management positions with Best Software and with Frontier Communications. He holds the B.S. degree in telecommunications and film from the University of Oregon.