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The EDX Cirrus Platform automates the process of large-scale network design and optimization by providing the industry’s only solution that allows engineers to produce nationwide coverage analysis in a single run.

Network operators who must run nationwide analysis for FCC form 477 filings, new technology rollouts, budgeting , audits or marketing use the Cloud SaaS offering to eliminate the need to produce several maps and stitch them together manually. 

The solution also integrates with existing tools used by GIS and RAN teams to provide a new level of efficiency, reduce costs and gain new opportunities for network optimization.

Change your thinking, change the game




You have a lot invested in your current tools. That’s why we designed The Cirrus Platform to integrate with your current tools to augment and streamline your processes without having to replace what you currently have.

The Cirrus Platform nationwide engine ingests the plan submissions from each market using their current tools and creates a nationwide plan automatically. The new workflow automates the multiple steps currently needed, passing submission plans from each market to be consolidated by the GIS or National teams, and eliminates the need to stitch each report together to create a single map. 

New Process

1) Each market designs separately using their existing tools & submits changes

2) The Cirrus Platform automatically calculates all maps

3) Managers approve maps for internal sharing

4) Teams go to secure site to view latest coverage maps

New Opportunities

1) Reduced cycle times for maps means new opportunities for collaboration

2) GIS time can be reallocated to deeper analysis of network performance

3) Cloud-scale storage of map runs enables mining of archives for optimization


Network Optimization


The Cirrus Platform provides the opportunity for greater network optimization since all map runs are stored and can be mined later for performance analysis and “what if” scenarios. These optimization studies are calculated in minutes, not days, as changes to only one site requires only re-running that site. Visualization tiles are rendered for each change and stored.

Because the new workflow dramatically reduces the GIS time spent on map creation, engineering time can be reallocated to deeper analysis of network performance. 

  • EDelta and "what if" studies
  • EReduce cycle time for network changes and map creation
  • ENew collaboration opportunities
  • EAutomatically store all network iterations and maps


Use your own data or utilize EDX’s custom data offering. We work with the industry leaders in data acquisition to offer you high-resolution data for any location on Earth including clutter, terrain, clutter heights and buildings.

The data service is available on a per-project basis, saving money over having to purchase costly databases. You may also select specific service areas, so you get only the data you need


  • EHigh-res data for any service area
  • EData regularly updated
  • EInstant access
  • EPer-project acquisition

System KPIs & Analytics

Technology studies and performance metrics are accessed on the platform through API and provide detailed analysis of your network. Studies include RSRP, SS-RSRP, Interference, DL & UL throughput for 5G and LTE-PRO across all equipment types.

  • ESupport for 5G, LTE-PRO, CBRS, Small Cell, Mesh, FWA and more
  • EPoint queries in any service area
  • EStreamline site determination
Wireless planning Analyzation  with replay

Study results are cached for future analysis and optimization, eliminating the need to reinvent studies and start the whole process again.

Storage & Marketing


Cirrus provides unlimited storage for maps of every configuration, providing a source of truth across teams. Archives show all prior configurations, as well as their associated maps.

Maps may be exported in multiple formast and run in various resolutions. These maps can be used to sell services and/or promote your coverage footprints over large areas.

  • ESource of truth for all mapping
  • EArchive of prior configurations
  • EMarketing presentations
  • EVisualize system performance
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