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Design Consultants

Cirrus licensing provides usage-based licensing to Design Consultancies of any size for short and long-term projects.  Instant access to RF design solutions and high-resolution data for any area means you are always prepared for windfall opportunities or any customer requests that may come your way.  Temporary licensing provides the ability to ramp up during busy times or augment staff for large projects.

Be prepared for every opportunity.

PtP, MESH, LTE, In-Building, and more.


Meet your customers' needs.

Plan for everything and provide reports in Google Earth.


Augment staff and ramp up on demand.

Flexible Licensing to add users, change modules, and get the job done.



  • 1The full set of network design tools at your fingertips allows you to take advantage of windfall opportunities as they come up as well as accommodate any customer request that gets thrown your way.
  • PMake sure all of your jobs produce positive revenue with network dimensioning tools for accurate bids. Eliminate surprises and issues after deployment by designing the network properly on the front end.
  • Eliminate the hardware and IT costs of onboarding new engineers with cloud-based licensing and streamline the training process for surges in business and temporary projects.
Signal Pro Wireless Planning Software


  • Instant access to high-resolution data enables you to respond to opportunities immediately without wasting time researching, sourcing and converting databases.
  • Build an accurate model of any service area and get visibility into the physical characteristics of the region, ensuring your network is properly dimensioned and assets are placed in the best location.
  • Data is updated automatically so you don’t have to purchase new databases as areas get developed.
Cirrus Data Wireless Planning


flexible where it counts

Scalable Cloud Licensing


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