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The Cirrus Platform allows system integrators and consultants to run very large studies in a single run, including nationwide. By offloading these projects to the high-compute cloud engine, you can plan networks with no limit on geography or number of devices and eliminate the need to run several plots on a desktop machine and stitch them together.

The Cirrus Platform caches all results, allowing you to perform delta analysis without having to re-run studies and provides a new level of collaboration and speed. The SaaS solution automates designs for 5G, LTE-PRO, CBRS, FWA, Mesh, Small Cell and more.


EDX provides the only platform with the ability to run nationwide coverage analysis in a single run.  Save time and money by eliminating the need to reset study grids and perform multiple runs for large service areas.

  • EMarketing and presentations
  • ENetwork optimization/acceptance
  • EBudget allocations
  • ENew technology roll-outs
  • EGovernment requests & records
  • EAuditing MNOs


Novus is an application that allows users to upload projects, including large nationwide studies, into the cloud and view on a flexible interface. The application provides a user dashboard that stores historical project data and allows you to export and share projects with customers or others in your organization. Store an unlimited number of projects and ensure network validation and perform system audits in an easy to use and flexible application.

  • EUpload projects into the cloud application
  • EExport and share projects
  • EKeep a record of project activity and account details

Novus provides the most user-friendly project analysis and visualization in the industry.


Replay of studies for “what if” analysis and delta studies provide faster results for network acceptance and RFP responses

Wireless planning Analyzation  with replay
  • ECompare various scenarios without having to re-run studies
  • EAnalyze system KPIs and performance metrics to optimize networks
  • EStudy result caching for future analysis

Study results are cached for future analysis and optimization, eliminating the need to reinvent studies and start the whole process over again.


EDX offers custom data for any location on Earth. Choose among a variety of databases and resolutions to find the most appropriate information for your application.

Complete databases are available on a per-project basis, saving money over having to purchase costly data. You may also select specific service areas, so you get only the data you need. 

  • EHIgh-res data for any service area
  • EData regularly updated
  • EInstant access
  • EPer-project acquisition
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