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Carrier Aggregation


RAN NODE Workbook



Carrier Aggregation

  • Studies compare devices to show which UEs are able to receive Carrier Aggregation in the right condition for higher data rates and which UEs have better CA coverage.
  • Emulate real network conditions to show CA capabilities for individual devices.

  • Configure devices based on each vendor’s specifications and enter unique CA combos to model performance in each geographic region and network condition.


  • Carrier Aggregation support for all LTE and 5G networks in any service area.


5g LTE A PRO NR Standard
LTE A Pro RF Planning Software

RAN NODE Workbook

From small cell urban to large macro in suburban areas, each sector can be modeled in the RAN GUI for the most accurate planning available. The workbook allows engineers to configure:

  • Site/Sector
  • Technology
  • CQI-UL
  • CQI-DL
  • TDD Frame
  • Carrier Aggregation


    Many advancements have been made to LTE from releases 9-13, bringing to the industry LTE-A and LTE-A PRO and creating a foundation for 5G networks. EDX provides all the tools to support high data rates, use of unlicensed bands, flexible modulation schemes and more. 

    • CQI Table
      Define the CQI used and customize as needed, allowing for all LTE modulation schemes.

    • TDD Parameters 
      Define how the signal is carried in the slots of the frame by choosing predefined LTE TDD frames or adding your own.

    • MIMO
      The MIMO table in the LTE-PRO Module is fully customizable for all vendor equipment and scenarios. Model Smart Antennas and all the latest technology.


    LTE-A , LTE-A Pro Wireless Planning Software


    LTE A / NR/ Pro Network Planning Software

    Quick Access

    Get high-resolution data you need for any service area without having to spend time researching and sourcing data.


    EDX provides all the data needed to accurately model service areas of any size for any region in the world.


    A variety of custom databases can be provided based on your application and needs, for short and long term projects

    • Clutter data up to 1m resolution
    • 2.5D Clutter Heights
    • 3D building and vegetation polygons

    Usage-Based Licensing

    Cirrus licensing provides project based licensing for flexibility of use. With a variety of ways to license the software, find the solution that best fits your needs from short term opportunities and RFP responses, to long-term needs

    Prepaid Days

    Pay only for what you need with no limit to the number of concurrent users. Great for project-based usage and OPEX.


    Add users and technology specific modules when you need them, remove when you don’t. Access to high-resolution data as part of your subscription. Flexibility that caters to the needs of your business.

    Perpetual Hybrid

    Supercharge your perpetual license with the ability to add monthly users as needed to a new or existing perpetual license. Scale up or down depending on workload.

    Ready to take your planning to the next level?

    Based on industry standards and enhanced with customizable features and automated processes, EDX is built to support 5G NR networks in any stage of the system life cycle and ensure you meet performance and budgetary requirements.  Schedule a demo to see how EDX tools will change the way you plan 5G NR and more.

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