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AMI Street Lighting Traffic Cams Smart City Mesh

By utilizing drones, power line inspections are streamlined and potential problems identified immediately

By making traffic lights smarter, cities will see an improvement in flow of traffic and make way for driverless cars and the new future of transportation

Drones will play an integral part of the Smart City by inspecting infrastructure, changing in forests and urban vegetation and aiding in fire fighting and other emergency services.

The Internet of Things will help cities grow, by solving infrastructure issues and promote interoperability and user experience across utilities, eduction, healthcare, public safety, airports and other.

A properly dimensioned Smart Grid network adds a higher-level of efficiency to utility operations.

Smart City Tools

smart city planning

Automatic Processes

Network Planning

Internet of Things

Mesh Software Planning Tools


Automatic Processes

Save Time & Money

  • Automatic channel planning tool for channel reuse, ensuring the best possible data rates for available spectrum.

  • Automatic cost/capacity-aware site placement for area-wide studies = pick the poles to best serve large service area networks.

  • Mass point-query feature allows you to quickly find the tile signal level prediction for millions of fixed locations.

  • Automatically simulate system performance under various traffic conditions, saving you time by not having to run multiple studies
radio planning  tools for a smart city


Every Network, Any Size

Wireless Network Planning Tools
  • Predict uplink data rates to ensure capacity to meet performance requirements and traffic demand for robust & expandable networks.

  • Support for standard & custom MIMO types for any technology.

  • Run coverage analysis for networks that cover large regions including entire counties or even entire states.

  • By analyzing base antenna height, terrain elevation, clutter height and buildings, determine minimum AGL (above ground level) height required for each node.


Complex Problems Solved Easily

  • Support of networks of 1 million + Mesh nodes covering regions of any size RF-optimized and capacity-constrained Router Selection.

  • Mesh Aware tools compare alternative designs under the hood, eliminating the need to manually re-run studies and completing Mesh design in hours rather than days.

  • Automatic placement features determine the location of assets based on towers/poles, street vector data, and terrain considerations.

  • Create reports and coverage performance diagrams and export to industry standard GIS tools and third-party software that depict consideration such as latency, redundancy and more.
Mesh Network Planning Tools

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