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Your first and last wireless planning software.

Be prepared for every opportunity

PtP, MESH, LTE, In-Building, and more.


All of your systems

Plan systems from 30MHz to 100GHz.


Equipment Agnostic

Use any vendor equipment.

Automated Tools

Streamline workflows.


Work Smarter

Templates for project and equipment eliminate repetitive work.

Meet your customers' needs

Provide reports in Google Earth & beyond.

Ready to take your planning to the next level?

Get a personalized product walk-through and learn how to leverage the EDX ecosystem to plan and optimize your wireless network today.


Any network, Any service area

Support for high-resolution data provides an accurate model of any service area environment and allows you to plan for wireless networks of any size for long-term projects and RFP response.

Efficient installs and planning

Streamline engineering processes and ensure networks meet budgetary and performance requirements.  Properly dimension a system on the front end and eliminate truck rolls and network optimization iterations.

Accuracy at long range

SignalPro’s unique methods maximize prediction accuracy while minimizing study times, providing accuracy at network edges – even for networks covering large areas.

Signal Pro Rf Wireless Planning Software


Radio Frequency Planning Software

Stay competitive in an ever-changing wireless landscape

With monthly releases, comprehensive features covering 30MHz up to 100GHz and everything needed to plan complete wireless networks, always be prepared for whatever the industry brings.

Service area to service area

Design multi-technology networks in any service area including complex regions such as dense urban geographic regions that contain a mix of trees, buildings and/or rural considerations as well as indoor and outdoor-to-indoor.

Sell and Present

Produce reports, charts and graphs that can be exported and printed. Use custom-branded analysis for your next sales presentation. 

Scale to your Needs

Flexible Licensing

SignalPro can utilize Cirrus licensing to provide instant access to the tools you need, when you need them.  Quickly add or remove users and modules to fit your current business needs.

Add the functionality you need.  When you need it.

Modules extend your capabilities with specialized tools.

Mesh Planning Software


Lte Planning Software


In Building Wireless Planning Software


Lora / lot Wireless Planning Software


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