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AMI Distribution Automation Small Cell Smart City Mesh

The Industry Standard Design Tool

Distribution Automation is a vital component of the Smart Grid that improves reliability and operating efficiency while ensuring customers receive continual service.

As the world transitions to Smart City, anything is a potential device.

Meter deployments range in scope from thousands of devices up to millions and are deployed in a variety of service areas.

A properly dimensioned Smart Grid network adds a higher-level of efficiency to utility operations.

Mesh Tools

Mesh-Aware Auto Placement

Comprehensive Reporting


Mesh Aware

Save Time & Money

  • Eliminate the need to re-run studies comparing alternative designs and large Mesh design in hours rather than days.

  • Automatic placement features determine the location of assets based on towers/poles, street vector data, and terrain considerations.

  • Gateway/Backhaul locations are determined based on mesh connectivity, capacity, and relative site costs.

  • Real-Time Repeater Selection tool calculates connectivity in real time based on cursor location.


Sell Your Solution

  • Create reports and coverage performance diagrams and export to industry standard GIS tools and third-party software.

  • Export prediction results for every mesh node and display on map with flexible, user-configurable display options.

  • Produce metrics displaying redundancy and latency for every device in the network including nodes, repeaters and subscriber units.

  • Export study results to Google KMZ format to share coverage analysis with customers and colleagues.


Meet Performance & Budgetary Requirements

  • Ensure network redundancy and find latency issues by identifying points of failure in Mesh (cut nodes) and providing repeaters to enhance redundancy.

  • High-resolution data allows engineers to create an accurate model of any service area, and design a network that contains the appropriate number of devices.

  • Independent connection rules for each device type ensures a properly balanced network.

  • Support for leaf nodes and Adaptive Modulation, showing connection metrics at each modulation level.

  • Find the number of backhaul locations each subscriber can hop to and automatically relocate hardware to ensure redundancy as needed.

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