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Bridging the Digital Divide


There is a large digital divide between areas with readily available high-speed broadband and underserved markets. The pandemic not only highlighted this divide, but also amplified the need for networks that enable distance learning and working from home in these underserved areas.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) has been around for some time, but with a greater need to bridge the divide and the promises of 5G, these applications are on the cusp of becoming more ubiquitous.

With 5G networks operating in up to mmWave bands (24-40GHz) and technologies such as MIMO and Carrier Aggregation used to augment performance in order to meet the demand of consumers on broadband applications across several devices, a thorough network design is necessary.


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Based on industry standards and enhanced with customizable features and automated processes, EDX is built to support 5G NR networks in any stage of the system life cycle and ensure you meet performance and budgetary requirements.  Schedule a demo to see how EDX tools will change the way you plan 5G NR and more.

5G FWA Tools


5G Support




Site Analysis

5G Support

With the 3GPP standards of 20gbps and 1ms latency in 5GNR along with the higher-frequencies used in these applications, a greater detailed system design is necessary to ensure standards, and therefore the service consumers demand, are met.

  • Support for Low (Sub 1GHz), Mid (1-6GHz) and mmWave (24-40GHz) bands.
  • Model MIMO and Massive MIMO configurations and directionalilty to minimize interference and ensure service and latency requrirements are met.

  • Analyze Carrier Aggregation across different devices and traffic scenarios for any region.

  • 5G numerology and adaptive modulation support


5g LTE A PRO NR Standard
LTE A Pro RF Planning Software


  • Model coverage for different CPE types and mounting locations – including those on roofs of businesses and homes.

  • Plot SINR, RSRP, downlink/uplink throughput, aggregated Carrier Count, received power and other technology specific studies on your coverage map.

  • Use Novus to upload projects into the cloud and view on a flexible interface. The application provides a user dashboard that stores historical project data and allows you to export and share projects with customers or others in your organization.

Site Analysis


Import your site information and run various scenarios based on equipment, CPEs, MIMO configurations and more to ensure cost and coverage requirements are met.

Analyze Macro Site vs Small Cell in urban vs rural deployments in varying population densities to determine percentage of customer base served by each site configuration.

Ensure a positive ROI by determining the number of consumers that will be served by a site with the costs of deploying on that site.

EDX takes a holistic, vendor agnostic design approach in which different equipment may be modeled to determine the most effective configurations.




    LTE-A , LTE-A Pro Wireless Planning Software


    LTE A / NR/ Pro Network Planning Software

    Quick Access

    Get high-resolution data you need for any service area without having to spend time researching and sourcing data.


    EDX provides all the data needed to accurately model service areas of any size for any region in the world.


    A variety of custom databases can be provided based on your application and needs, for short and long term projects

    • Clutter data up to 1m resolution
    • 2.5D Clutter Heights
    • 3D building and vegetation polygons

    Usage-Based Licensing

    Cirrus licensing provides project based licensing for flexibility of use. With a variety of ways to license the software, find the solution that best fits your needs from short term opportunities and RFP responses, to long-term needs

    Prepaid Days

    Pay only for what you need with no limit to the number of concurrent users. Great for project-based usage and OPEX.


    Add users and technology specific modules when you need them, remove when you don’t. Access to high-resolution data as part of your subscription. Flexibility that caters to the needs of your business.

    Perpetual Hybrid

    Supercharge your perpetual license with the ability to add monthly users as needed to a new or existing perpetual license. Scale up or down depending on workload.

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