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Active DAS Campus Wide Networks Outdoor to Indoor

Campus networks present the challenge of outdoor-to-indoor performance while accounting for potential hand-off and isolation issues across a variety of technologies.

Public Safety and Mission Critical networks require coverage in-building as well as outdoor-to-indoor over many frequencies.

Active and passive DAS networks cover a variety of technologies deployed in complex multi-floor buildings.

The performance of an in-building network will depend greatly on the wall material, objects and furniture present within the environment.

Industrial applications are beneifting from replacing traditional WiFi with the greater capacity, range and performance of CBRS.

In-Building Tools

EZ Floorplans


Design it All

EZ Floorplans 

Streamline Design

  • Create 3D building floorplans from AutoCAD .DWG files or flat image files.

  • Easily tag walls and objects of interest with their relevant RF material and height parameters.

  • Automatically create vector wall lines from floor plan image files, allowing simple floor plan setup.

  • Customized views of multiple-floor buildings with the DAS equipment layout and prediction plots shown for each floor.


Any Vendor, Any Configuration

  • Fully customizable list of RF sources, access points, splitters, couplers, antennas, cables, combiners, attenuators etc with their associated RF parameters.

  • Customized views of multiple floor buildings with the DAS equipment layout and prediction plots shown for each floor.

  • Check for missing connections by displaying the RF components and interconnecting cables with lengths.

  • Print a Bill of Materials for reporting, bids and cost calculations.

Design it All

Never Buy Another Tool!

  • Design anything from a simple passive DAS for a single floor to a complex network of active and passive devices that spans multiple floors.

  • Plan multiple buildings and multiple floors in each project, with each floor easily selected from access dropdown menus.

  • Support for Private LTE, Small Cell, Wi-Fi, Public Safety and other in-building networks in one tool.

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