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Private LTE In-Building Broadband

CBRS provides robust, custom coverage to replace WiFi and keep industrial and manufacturing applications connected.

CBRS offers greater capacity and range over traditional WiFi and Cellular networks, providing robust networks in a variety of applications.

CBRS reduces the cost of surveillance by eliminating the need for fiber while supporting full HD, low latency camera systems.

Private LTE eliminates capacity and coverage limitations even in large or busy venues for point-of-sale and mobile kiosk systems.

CBRS expands the portfolio of broadband providers while improving speeds in traditionally challenging service areas.

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CBRS & LTE Tools

Private LTE / LTE-A Software Planning Tools

Private LTE

In- Building Wireless Software Mapping Tools


High Resolution Wireless Software Mapping

High-Resolution Data

Private LTE

Save Time & Money

  • Save time and eliminate errors by configuring Cat-A & Cat-B equipment templates with vendor parameters and easily evaluate performance differences.

  • LTE  studies for standard performance criteria; RSRP, RSRQ, data rate, CQI, available for both area-wide and fixed multipoint designs.

  • Speed up the process of designing networks with eNodeB spread across a county with autosite selection that chooses the most efficient locations to serve the network.

  • Design the most efficient network with the least amount of hardware to bid competitively.
CBRS Wireless Software Mapping Tool

In-building Networks

One Tool to Design Everything

Citizens Broadband Radio Service in Building
  • Create 3D building models from AutoCAD DWG or flat image files.  Easily tag wall material types with attenuation values and heights.

  • Customizable equipment list with CBRS equipment from any vendor depict RF parameters used in all in-building deployments including multi-floor systems.

  • Model outdoor-to-indoor network coverage in one project with the industry standard O/I propagation model and save time over running multiple studies.

High-resolution geodata for the 3.6 GHz band

Unmatched Accuracy

  • Clutter height data offers a 2.5D representation of buildings, vegetation and other features to ensure all obstructions are accounted for when modeling broadband to homes.

  • 3D data is the most complete and detailed data available, with individual building and vegetation polygons and heights when you need to ensure LOS in urban areas.

  • Databases can be completely customized based on your needs and service area.  Send us a polygon and get data for just that area, saving money over buying large databases.
CBRS Design Software RF Planning Software
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