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Data comes in a variety of resolutions, vintages, shapes and sizes. Unlike others who limit the databases that can be used, or locking you into using only one data source for any network, EDX Wireless has simplified the use of data and supports a variety of databases that allows the most appropriate dataset for your application.

    2.5D Clutter Height Data

    Clutter height data offers an extremely detailed and accurate model of the service area that takes into account vegetation and man-made features.  Because Clutter Height data depicts height on a per-bin basis, rather than by category, the data produces service area models accurate enough for 5G, mmWave and other LOS dependent networks.  

    Mixed Service areas

    Get an accurate representation of mixed service area environments that present many different obstructions and considerations.


    Take vegetation and trees into account in your models to see how they will affect your design and deployment.

    Heights per bin

    The clutter height data shows heights for all structures, buildings and other obstructions in a service area even as heights change rapidly such as going from a building to street level.

    clutter data

    3D Data

    3D Geodata provides the highest level of geodata quality and content available to the wireless telecommunications industry.  Suitable for virtually every RF modeling application, height measurements of both building and vegetation within the landscape offers the best option for engineers who demand high accuracy in their predictions.

    wireless planning software 3d data

    Comprehensive and Flexible

    Get 3D data for custom areas representing any location in the US and many international areas.

    The next generation

    As networks become more LOS dependent in high frequencies, 3D data provides the accuracy needed to properly plan these networks and eliminate truck rolls.


    Data can be customized for the type of network you are deploying and for your RFP responses.

    Wherever - Whenever

    EDX Wireless works with the industry’s top data provider to source custom data for any location in the world. Wherever your needs may take you, we can provide high-quality custom data without breaking the bank; from small service areas, up to entire countries and everything in between.  Tell us your service area and we will provide options from 1m resolution, new 2020 sourced or archived data with or without vectors, heights, polygons to fit your specs and budget.

    clutter Data Planning Tool

    See how Data can Improve

    Wireless Mesh Network Planning Tools

    Mesh Projects

    5g geo planning lte planning software


    lot / lora smart city planning


    Ready to take your planning to the next level with High-Resolution Data?

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