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Flexible Licensing


What can Usage-Based Licensing do for you?

Immediate ROI

The cost of usage-based licensing provides an immediate ROI after winning one bid.  Project-based licensing allows for OpEx and line-item billing for you.

Instant Access

Instantly access a full suite of design solutions, technology modules, and high-resolution data for any network design in any location.


Easily add project technology modules and users for ramps in business, new and one-time projects that require staff augmentation, and busy seasons.

Tailored Solutions

Whether you have an engineering team, are an individual consultant or are a large enterprise organization, find the licensing solution right for you.

Reduce Costs

Drastically reduce the cost of onboarding new engineers by utilizing flexible and cloud-based licensing.  Make your IT department happy by eliminating hardware and ongoing maintenance costs.

Win more RFPs

Stop competing and start winning.  Respond to RFPs faster, more accurately, and with better pricing.  Lower up-front costs translate to savings you can pass on.

Monthly Subscription

  • ZProject-by-project use
  • ZMix & Match Modules
  • ZPer-Project ROI
  • ZSOW Contracts

Best Suited For

  • Consultants/System Integrators
  • SOW Contracts
  • OpEx



Day Use Subscription

  • ZUsage based
  • ZPredictable Pricing for Unpredictable Usage
  • ZAdvanced features with modules

Best Suited For

  • Varying workloads throughout the year
  • Business development
  • Startup consultants
  • Evaluations



  • ZAdd Users to exisiting license
  • ZSurge licenses
  • ZModule swapping
  • ZStaff Augmentation

Best Suited For

  • Existing customers
  • Large Teams
  • Long-term business with seasonal variability
  • Training
  • Staff augmentation

Monthly Subscription

Monthly Mapping Software

The solution for short-term projects and RFP responses, the monthly subscription provides licensing without big upfront costs.

  • $Project-by-project use
  • $Mix & Match Modules
  • $Per-Project ROI
  • $SOW Contracts

Day Use Subscription

Daily Network Mapping Software

The most flexible option as it allows you to pay upfront for usage days that can then be used at any point throughout the year.

  • $Usage based
  • $Predictable Pricing for Unpredictable Usage
  • $Advanced features with swappable modules


Hybrid Wireless Mapping High Resolution

Hybrid allows perpetual license users with long-term software needs to “surge” licensing on demand during busy times.

  • $Add Users to existing license
  • $Surge licenses
  • $Module swapping
  • $Staff Augmentation

Instant Access to Licensing

Instant Access to Data

Cirrus Data Network Mapping High Resolution Images

Cirrus Data can be added to any subscription.  Instant software and data enables you to work immediately on what matters most: Projects that generate revenue.

Talk to Sales about how Flexible Licensing can transform your business.

Dual Cirrus LicensingFAQ

If I have a perpetual license of SignalPro, can I add licenses on a temporary basis?

Use the Hybrid license option to add any number of licenses you need for specific opportunities or RFP responses on a case-by-case basis.

Can I add modules on a project-by-project basis?

Yes! Add or swap modules at any time, based on the project you are working on or number of users.

Can I track usage?

Yes, track usage across engineers to help determine what is the most efficient number of licenses for your organization.

Do I need a hardware key?

No, Cirrus licensing requires no hardware key.

Can I use my license offline?

Yes, check out your license for use when on the road, in the field or otherwise offline.

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