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Technical FAQ

Below are common technical questions relating to EDX software.  

Where can I get geodata to work within EDX Wireless' software suite?

Consider our CIRRUS offering for immediate access to geodata at a variety of resolutions and coverage areas.  If additional geodata is required, our sales team would be happy to assist you with pricing, delivery times and description of data layers for your specific regions of interest. 

What are the basic computer requirements for running EDX software?
How do I install the EDX software?
How do I get an updated Bing Map key?
What should I do if I have a valid subscription but SignalPro says my Cirrus Data is expired?
How do I log in to SignalPro using Cirrus Licensing?
I am unable to update software successfully
How do I trade in my hardware key and run SignalPro in the cloud?

Contact sales to learn more about the licensing options available to you and how to switch to a keyless version of SignalPro.

Product Release Notes

The past 6 release notes are below.  For a full release history visit: Release Notes.

SignalPro & Cirrus Platform

NEW FEATURES / ENHANCEMENTS / UPDATES Studies using Route Aligned : In expanding our solution we have enabled all studies to be used as part of the route aligned study set. Assisting RF Engineers that are working with railway, or any use case requiring the route...

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SignalPro & Cirrus Platform

NEW FEATURES / ENHANCEMENTS / UPDATES Macro Diversity Voting: A new study has been created to assess the Uplink percent log-normal reliability with Macro Diversity Voting. This allows the user to analyze the combined reliability from all servers that have an uplink...

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SignalPro – Oct 2023

NEW FEATURES / ENHANCEMENTS / UPDATES NB-IOT Module: EDX Wireless is happy to announce the release of the new NB-IOT Module. NB-IOT (Narrow band internet of things) is a standards-based Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology developed to enable a wide range of new IoT...

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SignalPro & Cirrus Platform-Sep 5, 2023

New product build – NEW FEATURES / ENHANCEMENTS / UPDATES 5G & LTE-Pro Capacity modeling: Various enhancements have been implemented for traffic modeling of 5G and LTE-PRO, including new GUI additions, Traffic DB updates and studies. Users are...

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SignalPro & Cirrus Platform-August 2023

NEW FEATURES / ENHANCEMENTS / UPDATES Wi-Fi Enhancements: Recently we introduced the Wi-Fi Module, covering all the 801.11 standards and features to plan and optimize your Wi-Fi network. To enhance the user experience, we have added Wi-Fi BSSID to all areas to...

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SignalPro & Cirrus Platform

Release 13 New Features EDX-Core EDX is proud to announce the release of EDX-Core This new slim line product will cater for those who are designing specific technologies with specific needs. This product will be offered as subscription or perpetual based licensing....

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