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Marketing opportunities for our customers

EDX Wireless offers many co-marketing opportunities for our customers. Write a joint case study or whitepaper with us, showing how you solved a unique problem, addressed your customers’ needs or provided a new innovative solution and we will promote your business on our website, social media and through our extensive email list.  This is a great opportunity for free exposure and marketing.  Contact us to explore ideas and begin working with one of our content creators.

You speak, we listen

Seemingly every company in the world, from small to name-brand products we use on a daily basis, has at one point or another led a marketing campaign that says “you asked, we listened” usually around a new product release to give the appearance that they listened to their customers to deliver the product that was wanted.  But we can’t help but notice that this statement is past tense.  Are the companies that make this statement indicating that they listen to their customers once, deliver one product and are done with them?

At EDX Wireless, we would rather engage in an active and ongoing conversation with our customers and partners.  We want to learn about you, your business, your processes and be there as you evolve.  We do not want to deliver one specific product and move on, we want to have a continuing dialog, learning from each other as we move forward.  Let’s have an active conversation and grow together.  That’s why at EDX Wireless we say, you speak, we listen.


We invite you to take a look at our portfolio of solutions, brought about from these discussions with our customers and partners and join in the conversation….


Contact us to begin a conversation on your business, application and what you would like to see in our solutions to better enable your success.

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