In-building or campus-level telecommunications systems require the integration of a variety of radio technologies, each with its own requirements in terms of signal quality, interference mitigation and redundancy. indoor-plansWith a comprehensive approach to system planning and integrated support for a variety of technologies, EDX’s indoor design solutions ensure the proper design of wireless networks within the in-building, campus and metro deployment environments.

By creating 3D building models from floor-plan drawings or AutoCAD files, using sophisticated RF modeling algorithms to predict signal behavior within that space, and providing a Bill of Materials for system equipment, EDX provides visualization for every aspect of system design. As networks grow and evolve, EDX’s indoor soltions contains propagation models for analyzing outdoor-to-indoor and indoor-to-outdoor coverage.  In addition, traditional terrain elevation, clutter data and 3D building data can be used to ensure isolation and predict handoff issues between these systems. With support for a wide range technologies, EDX provides  versatile platforms for designing and analyzing heterogeneous networks.

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