The Mesh Network Module includes intelligent pre-sales tools, automatic router and repeater selection, real-time repeater selection and traffic loading.

In addition, detailed reports of system performance provide essential information in the process of designing a robust, reliable and redundant system. The Mesh Network Module supports small scale mesh networks (2000+ nodes), large mesh network (200,000 nodes) and MegaMesh® networks (1 Million+ nodes).

MegaMesh Network Analysis

MegaMesh Network Analysis

This feature set allows for the planning, deploying and optimizing of large scale mesh and traditional AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) networks at every point in the system lifecycle.  This ensures proper dimensioning, the most efficient network architecture, lowest cost deployment and most reliable operation.

  • Support of networks of 1 million + Mesh nodes
  • Intelligent pre-sales layout tools of infrastructure equipment
  • RF-optimized and capacity-constrained Router Selection
  • Detailed reports of system performance, traffic, mesh                      vulnerabilities and critical mesh points
  • Creation of professional layouts and coverage/performance              diagrams that can be exported to industry standard GIS tools            such as Google Earth, MapInfo and ArcGIS

Small Scale Mesh Analysis

Small Scale Mesh Analysis

  • Path loss between all Access Points (APs) using point-to-point link calculations that take into account terrain, buildings and clutter
  • Received signal calculations at each AP from all other APs
  • Multiple radios/frequency configurations at each mesh node
  • Directional antennas consideration

Capacity-Constrained Mesh Analysis

By considering factors such as collector capacity and number of device connections, networks can be designed to conform to the vendor’s requirements.  Study inputs allow the definition of collector capacity, hopping limits and mesh node downstream devices with the resulting studies identifying areas of weak capacity.  Additional collectors can be activated in these areas and the capacity improvements are quickly calculated and reported.

Automatic Router Layout

The Mesh Network Module provides automatic layout of small cells/access points (APs) and AMI routers based on tower/poles databases, street furniture locations or street vector data.

Automatic Selection of Routers

Easily select the minimum number of routers to cover devices based on receive sensitivity, maximum number of hops for devices and maximum router distance.

Automatic Repeater Selection

Create potential repeater candidates and use the automatic repeater selection algorithm to choose the most useful repeater locations. Interactively manipulate the selections and see how this affects node connections.

Real-Time Repeater Selection

Calculate connectivity in real-time based on cursor location or available tower/pole location toggling.

Automatic Selection of Gateway Nodes

Automatic Selection of Gateway Nodes based on Backhaul Conditions

Automatically identify and assign nodes as gateways based on the best connectivity condition to a WiMAX, LTE or Multipoint backhaul network.

Traffic Loading

Automatically calculate traffic loading on individual nodes based on real service areas and a selection of multiple service types such as, voice, email, web browsing, audio streaming and video streaming.

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