Public Safety

In Mission Critical environments, having an efficiently designed network saves not only time and money, but lives. The EDX SignalPro package provides the tools you need to accurately model these Mission Critical networks, giving results that matter in the field.

With support from 30MHz to 60GHz across all types of networks including P25, TETRA, and LTEBroadband Network systems, EDX’s unparalleled experience delivers the results your radio design, engineering, and administrative departments demand. From new network deployment and system upgrades, to field-deployed solutions, SignalPro’s accurate representation of your network offers the insight into coverage, performance and loading that was previously unavailable to Mission Critical applications.

In addition, SignalPro has been tailored to meet the specific needs of P25 networks as they evolve into multi-layered, multi-technology systems. This includes the integration of LTE systems with legacy P25 networks in which coverage and reliability can easily be compared for overlays or network expansions. Furthermore, SignalPro ensures the in-building communication often required in Mission Critical networks with propagation models that provide accurate predictions for indoor, outdoor and outdoor-to-indoor system design.

SignalPro also supports WiMAX, Mobile/Cellular, DAS, Mesh and others; providing analysis across a multitude of technologies in one project, on one platform.


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