Support Files

EDX Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is shipped with new product licenses and details the installation of the EDX software and license keys.

EDX Conversion Utility

EDXCV is a utility designed to assist in converting various files that the EDX programs need or creates into different formats. You can convert various terrain, land use, and building file formats into EDX formats. You can also export some of the EDX working files into other formats, such as MIF/MID format and SHP/DBF formats. Please see the reference manual (included in the ZIP file) for more details on its use and capabilities.


HASP (Hardware Key) Files

The latest versions of files used by the EDX program to support the HASP hardware key are always available on the key manufacturers site (Aladdin).  The files are located at: NOTE: this is a search page. Under operating system select Windows. Then search by keyword for the software you’re looking for below.

The only files you may need are the following:
HASP Device Driver – Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer
This .ZIP file contains a GUI program that you run to load the drivers necessary to use theHASP hardware key.

HASP Utilities – Hardlock/HASP4/HL DiagnostiX Utility
Various Diagnostic programs for testing HASP keys and determining the hardware characteristics of a computer.

HASP Utilities – Aladdin Monitor Installer
The HASP “Monitor” program is used on workstations. This program is used to determine proper operation of the Network Key.

Download NetHASP License Manager
License Manager Program for installing network hardware keys on Windows servers

Antenna Pattern Data Files

Andrew/Decibel Products/Antenna Specialist Antennas
EMS Cellular Antennas
EMS PCS Antennas
Scala Broadcast Antennas
Scala Cellular Antennas
Scala PCs Antennas
Scala PCN Antennas
Sinclair Antennas
Miscellaneous Selection of Antennas

Antenna Pattern CVANT Files

This utility will read electronic antenna pattern information stored in various formats and convert it into the EDX format.
Formats supported:
Decibel/Antenna Specialist Antennas
Racal Antennas
Sinclair Antennas

Starter Data for EDX Software

Please be aware that the resolution of this data in not the highest that’s available. The resolution of the terrain and clutter data is 3-arc second (+/- 90m). If your project requires data of higher resolution, please contact EDX for information on how to obtain, convert and use these databases.

If you have any questions, please contact EDX Technical Support