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BDC Filings

by | Aug 4, 2022

In order to update broadband maps depicting where fixed and mobile broadband services are available, the FCC has launched the Broadband Data Collection (BDC) program. Coverage maps collected through BDC filings will provide operators, along with government entities, the information needed to determine where service is needed and how to fund future deployments. 

Fixed and mobile broadband providers have until September 1, 2022, to submit these BDC filings (for networks with services available as of June 30, 2022). 

EDX has released a feature set specific for BDC filings, based on the FCC requirements, in order to help providers streamline the process.

As specified in the “Broadband Data Collection Data Specifications for Biannual Submission of Subscription, Availability, and Supporting Data” document (June 17, 2022 revision 1.0.8), the propagation model parameter requirements have been implemented in SignalPro. Using the feature shows covered areas above the minimum signal threshold as well as downlink and uplink data rate thresholds, inclusive of a fading value to achieve the necessary confidence prediction. This study in SignalPro allows users to configure settings for Cell Edge Probability, Uplink/Downlink Data Rate Thresholds, and Cell Loading.

EDX also provides the ability to run very-large coverage studies, including nationwide, in the cloud. In a single run, engineers can produce coverage analysis maps for networks consisting of any number of devices that can be used in FCC filings. 

All BDC features in EDX’s solutions support multiple technologies across 3G, 4G & 5G, as well as support the Terrestrial Fixed Wireless Reporting requirements.

There are a number of ways to license the software

Flexible licensing options allow you to procure EDX’s solutions on a monthly, yearly, prepaid days or perpetual hybrid basis. These options save money over perpetual license purchases and allow you to easily add users for busy seasons, particular projects, or training. You may also add technology modules as needed for particular projects.


  • Monthly or yearly subscriptions
  • Add users and modules as needed

Prepaid Days

  • No limit to the number of concurrent users
  • OPEX expenditure for project-based usage

Perpetual Hybrid

  • Add temporary users as needed to perpetual licenses
  • Scale users and modules based on workload

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